Building the Perfect Man Cave:

Do you have an extra room in your house?  Did you finally get the approval to turn it into your man cave?  Well then you need to know what is going to make you the ultimate man cave!  This isn’t the whole house; it’s a room for escaping, crashing, and maybe sometimes working.  So you need to have it fully stocked and prepared for whatever the situation calls for!

First let’s come up with a cool name- You obviously need to feel a sense of ownership over this room.  And let me say, there is no shame in just calling it the man cave.  But consider a few other suggestions:

  • The Liar
  • Sanctuary (you get this if you have a naggy wife or too many kids)
  • The Inter Sanctum
  • Legion of Doom
  • The Drink Tank (Better than a think tank)
  • Eagles Nest
  • Dojo
  •  The Workshop or
  • The Cockpit

Okay, now you have the space and the name.  Deck out the room.  Make a list of things you need in there or just the stuff you want.  But here are few suggestions to get you started.

man cave

  1. Big-A TV Screen– It isn’t going to be fun pawning n00bs if you screen isn’t more than 40”.  If you are in there watching spots games, you know the bigger the better!  This is the heart and soul of the room, because only you can use it.  It doesn’t have to be shared or barrowed by the wife, it is yours for this room!
  2. Fully Stocked Bar– You don’t want to surface from this room and be greeted by a “To-do” list.  So make sure you set this place up with a wet bar, a mini fridge, or a vintage vending machine.  Stock what you need to stay in this room for days!  Cold beer or caffeine should always be on tap, so stock up!  This is your watering hole, your life giving supply to this room!
  3. Comfortable Chairs! Also should go without saying, you need a place to sit.  Don’t let the wife pick it, go find one yourself!  Find a place that you can park it for hours, it should mold to your body.  If you go for recliners, get the top of the line. If you are going for a LoveSac, you probably are in your late 20-30’s and still can sit on the floor.  Think about stadium seating if it fits!  Find what is comfortable; this is the milk and honey of the room!  This piece or pieces will make your man cave respectable!
  4. Leave Space for the Trophy Wall– You have some achievements, they might feel small but display them!  Put up the old high school trophies, golf tourney awards, or college intramural game trophies- it is a reminder of the good days.  This is your room, be all about you.  But be honest, if you would rather put up a poster of a pin-up, do it!  If you can get away with a stripper pole, it’s a thought. Your wall, your room, your way.  Whatever you want the room to be like, it’s totally up to you!  Hang up old snowboards or skies, these are accomplishments too.  It can be filled with memorabilia of your favorite sports team, you name it!
  5. Big Boy Toys-The room should have access to everything you want to do in the house.  Purchase a pool table for the next guys night, poker table too, and have all the electronics set up in the room.  This room should house your computer, your DVD players, your game systems, the retractable projector screens, or stand alone video arcade games.  Have everything in the room set up wirelessly!

You have a little room to spread out, take up space.  Get it stocked with the toys you need.  Gaming systems, extra controllers, and dart boards!  Pimp it out with an amazing sound system, something that will blow a girls clothes off. Stock the room with your amp and guitars- or drum set! Whatever you play, whatever is your toy, store it in here.

You know you have dreamt about the room… Don’t skimp, go the extra mile!   Keep your gun safes in here, there isn’t a safer place in your house.  You have all your man toys in one room, it’s the best place to house a firearm.

You are almost done!  Now comes putting it together.  Don’t get so excited that you just start throwing stuff in there and putting a biometric lock on the door.  Though, making it safe and secure will go a long way in helping you feel like it’s yours.

But finish off with a little girly work.  The design of the room needs to be flawless, so make this room a manly color.  The walls don’t have to be white or toupee to match the rest of the house, this is your domain!  Do what you want with it, but this should go without saying, no pink in this room!  Paint it a deep brown, a nice grey, or even a hunter green.  Color it to match your favorite sports team, or paint it to feel like a dark theater. You know what you are going to use it for, base all ideas around the reason you wanted a man cave to begin with!

Don’t limit your dream room!  Fill it with your favorite things, your hobbies, your team, or your proud moments.  Fill the room but don’t junk it up, this is the place you go to chill and relax.  There are blogs or sites you can review for more ideas or pictures of some of the most expensive Man Caves that Hollywood builds.  Get your ideas, your inspiration, but ultimately make it your room!

If you got the green light, don’t let it pass buy!  Build your ultimate man cave with all the amenities!  It’s better than being outside in the garage!  Make the most of your man cave; you are one of the only guys on the block that got the go-ahead!

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Lacie is a designer and marketing analyst. She enjoys writing about home improvement in creative ways and has been integrating this love by utilizing products, such and gun safes, into her design and development strategies.

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