Bringing The Outdoors Into Your Bathroom

Introducing a sense of the outdoors into your bathroom environment will ensure a naturally calming atmosphere and the ultimate relaxing experience. Bringing the outdoors in can be achieved with just a few simple steps and affordable purchases.

The most obvious way to introduce this style is to bring in potted plants and flowers as well as accessories made from natural materials. Introducing various textures will also emphasise this theme as it adds interest and diverse features, much like the outside environment. Rugs and cushions are the ideal way to do this as well as providing aesthetic pleasures within the room.  Simple decorative pieces such as pebbles, jars of sand and shells are perfect ideas to adorn your bathroom and don’t have to cost a penny!

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Colour tones should be kept minimal and as neutral as possible to enhance the organic feel. Shades of green, brown and cream are the most common colours linked to nature. Yellow is also a vibrant alternative which can brighten and open up a small space. Enhance natural light by opting for sheer voile drapes instead of thick curtains as to not restrict any window space. If you want to open up a smaller bathroom, use light colour shades on the wall and inject colour using decorations such as canvas prints or small ornaments. Bathroom linen is also another area in which you can infuse colour and an eye catching statement.

Choose bathroom furniture which is light and in-keeping with the theme. Basin units and wash stands for example can be purchased in wood to enhance the amount of natural materials used within your design. Keep clutter to a minimal by storing away your belongings in cabinets and draws to preserve space. Waterfall taps are a modern way of introducing outdoor features, as well as cascading shower heads.

Adorn your bathroom with fresh smelling candles and woody incense to increase the sense of a natural atmosphere. Harsh lighting can ruin this calming ambience so the use of lamps and dimmer switches are ideal alternatives to intense spotlights.

Natural flooring is a contemporary but also practical way of influencing the desired effect. They bring warmth and comfort into your home and can be a luxurious purchase at an affordable price. If you have air conditioning facilities, swap this expensive piece of equipment and simply open a window to let in fresh air.

As long as your bathroom is designed with you in mind, you are sure to gain as much of a comforting experience as possible.

This article was written by Alexandra, an experienced blogger on the topic of interior design on behalf of Bathshop321 who provide high quality but affordable bathroom suites.

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