Brilliant Conservatory Interior Design Themes

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory in your home, then I certainly hope you are making the most of it. Interior design is something that some people simply have a knack for and as a result their conservatories will be laid out beautifully and will always be an inviting place to spend time.

If you’re a little less confident then sometimes a specific theme for your conservatory can give you the motivation and jumping off point. Working with a theme in mind can make it easier to create something that fits together beautifully while reinvigorating what could soon be a vibrant and striking relaxation area.

Here is a selection of great tried and tested conservatory themes that can make your living space exceptional…

Garden Theme

Done in the right way, your conservatory can seamlessly blend the lines between your garden and your home. Subtle greens and whites in the principle décor will give it a neutral and natural feel and hardwood flooring will further instil this natural vibe.

Where this theme really begins to take shape is in the furnishings. One inexpensive and delightfully quirky trick is to get hold of a few garden ornaments. Small stone sculptures of animals and even a bird house dotted throughout the room will give it a unique and outdoor twist. Inclusion of colourful garden plants will brighten up the area like a summer garden and to complete the theme, a garden bench with a few cushions.

Oriental Theme

If the peaceful neutrality of a garden theme seems a little too scenic for you, why not consider a complete contrast in the form of an oriental theme. Full of rich reds and gold’s, an oriental theme is warm and inviting.

The colour scheme is one of the most vital elements to get right. While red is one of the most important colours, utilising very dark clay colours on parts of the walls will break up the reds. In terms of furnishings, dark woods or even bamboo can only improve the elegance of the theme.

Additionally, consider looking into other oriental presentation pieces such as hanging lanterns, symbol plaques or even perhaps a small bonsai tree.

Rainforest Theme

Although it does share some elements with the garden theme, this rainforest theme is far more dramatic. First and foremost you must be a lover of plants as a good number of ferns placed around the room will be vital in giving the room a wild untamed vibe. Try utilising wall hangings for plants as well as a few larger potted plants of exotic varieties, which are easily found at garden stores.

Wooden furnishings are a must and sturdy Oak furniture fits the theme perfectly. The colour scheme of the house adjacent wall should be greens (like the garden theme) but in richer varieties.

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Colour Theme

Alternatively, if this all seems a bit too dramatic or you are specifically looking for something more understated, build your design around a colour theme. This can vary from warm rich reds to cool fresh greens. However, always make sure that you match the right colours. Vibrant and pastel colours will create too much of a contrast, and certain colour mixes will simply not match.

Before getting started, visit a home décor store and explain to them the vibe you would like to create and they will be able to help you with a couple of colours to get started.

Once, you’re decided on colour, look into furnishings that will tie in well with this.

John Batista has an eye for classic conservatory designs. He has worked the last 10 years for a home extensions specialist.

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