Are Vacuum Trucks Really An Environment Friendly And Profitable Option?

No spillage

These trucks are designed in such a way that liquid or semi-solid wastes never spill out of the storage tanks. Earlier, when other forms of transport were used to carry such waste, spillage was often identified as a serious problem. This often resulted in roads getting dirty, which in turn added to the maintenance costs.

These trucks have been able to cut this cost down effectively and ensure that the environment stays clean.


A vacuum truck sucks in liquids and semi-solid wastes completely into the storage tank and stores such matter there. The storage tank is well sealed in most cases, preventing fumes and vapors of the wastes to escape into the atmosphere. This helps in preventing pollution and makes these trucks extremely environment friendly.

Less hazardous

Earlier, it was a difficult and risky task to remove contaminated and hazardous waste materials. The people working on such projects found the job extremely risky, depending on how dangerous and harmful the waste was.

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