An Interesting Idea for a Kitchen Upgrade

So, you’re moving or you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen. You have the basics: a microwave, a corkscrew, and a George Foreman your grandma gave you in college. What are some other appliances you are considering purchasing? A toaster? Yeah, to toast things. Good investment. A can opener? Yes, cans do need to be opened. How about a blender? It seems that blenders get underrated sometimes. Here are some of the benefits, uses, and trends when it comes to blending. And, no, don’t blend your iPhone and upload the results to YouTube.

Milkshakes and Smoothies:

            Milkshakes are delicious. Ice cream and milk. Simple. And delicious. Throw in some malt powder, and you have just made a malted milkshake. Smoothies are a whole different category. Also, you can make a quick meal on the go, as you walk out the door on your way to work, and still get a good amount of nutrients to start the day. With endless combinations of fruit, vegetables, herbs, vitamins, protein powders, alcohol, and juice, you can utilize smoothies to improve your health, your work out routine, your social life, and your diet. 

Purees and Sauces:

            Some chefs use a food processor to make a puree, but a blender can also be used. Cut the desired food/fruit/vegetables into fairly small pieces so the blender doesn’t have to do extra work. Then, add in the desired liquid, at a small amount at a time, usually by teaspoons. Start blending with the lowest speed, but keep in mind the higher the speed, more air will be added, which will result in a lighter puree. As far as sauces, the possibilities are endless. Try pesto, tomato-based, hollandaise, white, strawberry, and feel free to experiment with wine, rum, and other liquids.


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Veganism and Vegetarians:

           The popularity of veganism and vegetarianism has grown immensely over the past few years, many times going hand in hand with organics as well. With the proper blender, and the freshest ingredients, perhaps from your local farmer’s market, you can boost pretty much any sector of your health you want to focus on. Libido, skin, hair and nails, energy, any organ-specific (heart, liver, kidneys, lungs), memory, or bone/muscle development. Blending allows for the cell walls of the vegetable or fruit to be broken much easier than simply ingesting the ingredient, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients quicker.

The blending of the fruits and vegetables also allows for another opportunity in taste. Maybe there is a picky eater in your life, or you yourself don’t care for the taste of vegetables, and your health suffers from lack of those essential vitamins. You can easily cover up the taste of broccoli or kale or other greens with fruitier, more over-powering flavors, like raspberry and watermelon.

Every kitchen needs a blender. There are too many uses for one to not have one. Once you can say to yourself, “Hey, I can use the blender to do that,” and you begin seeing all of the possibilities for health, entertaining, and convenience, it will become a vital weapon in your cooking repertoire. is the authority in revolutionizing the way people shop online. They offer tons or advice on kitchen accessories and other products like blenders. 

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