An Essential Read Before You Go Vinyl

Gone are the days when wooden flooring was considered best. No longer does anyone want to get into the hassle of getting the floor polished or repaired every year, which indeed is the case with wooden flooring. Today, there more affordable options available. They require lesser maintenance and can go a long way. So, for those who are looking forward to an easy way out, vinyl flooring is the way to go!

What you need to know?

Vinyl flooring is not the best, but an affordable way out. There are different qualities available out there, each with its own purpose. You can get extremely cheap vinyl flooring installed but of course that won’t be as durable as the more expensive ones. Like every other product in the market, even vinyl flooring has its types. The more you spend the better quality you will get. However, the good part here is that you can get the best quality vinyl for nearly half the price of wooden flooring.

Vinyl flooring is ideal for rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms, where moisture is prominent and can become an issue. The biggest advantage of vinyl flooring is that it can be altered to any shape and size.

Learn the Basics

Whatever you buy, you should know the basics of it. Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride known as PVC. It is not an organic material but an engineered one like linoleum. The advantage of this material is that it is highly diverse and can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and public places such as shopping centres. In other words, vinyl flooring is customisable as per your requirements.


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The Two Main Types

There are two types of vinyl flooring available; inlaid vinyl and printed vinyl. Inlaid vinyl is thicker and is more rigid than printed vinyl. It is mainly used for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture and heat can go high. On the other hand, printed vinyl is more of the sophisticated type. It is the cheaper form of vinyl flooring and is best for bedrooms, drawing rooms and offices. Overall, inlaid vinyl is better but it is expensive. So, those who are looking for a cheap way out should go for printed vinyl.

Some Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has gained enormous popularity recently due to the numerous benefits it offers. Among all, the price tag it comes with is most attractive. Unlike wooden flooring, vinyl flooring is cheaper and lasts long too. In other words, you are paying for something that is worth it. Vinyl is highly moisture resistant, which makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

The only drawback of vinyl flooring is that it can be polished like wooden floors. But, you wouldn’t feel the need of polishing it for years and you can always get new flooring installed whenever you want, since it is cheap enough.

Vinyl flooring is your ideal option if you want to go for something that is cost effective and at the same time durable. Wooden flooring is no more the fad, it’s vinyl flooring!

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