Ambient Windchimes for Your Home

At times, we all want to add a bit of tranquility to our living quarters. The current popularity of adding live bamboo or another Asian inspired décor item speaks to our interest in utilizing pared down classic Asian ideas to add ambience and peace to our home décor.

One surefire way to add beauty and tranquility in the Asian design tradition is to consider the addition of windchimes to your outdoor living spaces. Whether your outdoor living space is a landscaped yard or a small porch or balcony, a windchime of some sort may be the perfect item to add a tranquil touch.

The History of the Windchime

Did you know that the windchime was originally used in Asia as a form of pest control? It may seem strange now, but it is very true. Dating back for centuries, windchimes have been hung around the perimeters of Buddhist temples to ward off pests that could do damage or invade the sacred spaces. It was believed that the sounds of the chimes as they resonated in the wind would scare off birds and prevent them from using the overhangs of a temple as a nesting spot. For all we know, it may actually be this attention to preventing corrosion from bird droppings that has helped preserve some of the great monuments and places of worship erected in the ancient world.


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Types of Windchimes

There are many types of windchimes that you can select for your home or apartment. From the most miniature to the grandest windchimes that approximate the size of a full-grown man, windchimes come in all shapes and sizes.

Just as a windchime can be of any size or design, a chime can also be crafted of a variety of materials. From bamboo to aluminum to seashells to glass, you can find a windchime to suit your taste. Often, the material used for your chime can have a huge effect on the sound volume of the chimes; this may influence what material you choose to go with. For instance, a large aluminum gong style chime may not be appropriate for a small space, such as a balcony in an apartment complex. Unless you want to make enemies of the neighbors, it is probably best to go with a peaceful bamboo or shell chime to keep the sound confined to your personal space. Those who have a larger open space can consider larger and louder chimes.

One thing to consider when purchasing your chime is quality. There are many chimes on the market, but not many that are built to last for years or that are professionally calibrated to ring out harmonious tones. Consider chimes that have been fine-tuned to a certain chord for the most pleasant sounds possible. It is not much fun, and lends little tranquility to your home or outdoor space, to listen to an inharmonious clanking of elements that do not resonate well together.

A windchime can be a very soothing addition to your space if you think it through before purchasing a chime. You are sure to enjoy the pleasant and meditative music that is made by a high-quality chime. With the wind as Mother Nature’s talented conductor, how could you not love the serene music?

Rick Sprig is a craftsman who has taken his local business to the internet. He sells handcrafted windchimes online.

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