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When it comes to buying new windows it’s fairly easy to get stuck with the same designs. Updates in PVC might be exciting for chemists and people that want to save on their energy bills, but when it comes to people that want design ‘wow’ factor there often isn’t much to go at. However, if you’re serious about getting a custom-fitted window with an extra special flavour of design there are lots of points of inspiration from around the world. You only have to glance through some of the best contemporary pads out there to see that windows make a big difference.

What’s standard in America can seem fairly creative over here, especially if you make it a theme for the exterior of your house. There are lots of styles to choose from. Colonial is probably the most instantly recognisable, with wide spaced panes and pastel painted shutters on the outside. The New Orleans look offers a similar six-over-six pane style, but without the ostentatious shutters, or if ostentatious is your thing you could always go with San Francisco style windows for a faux-baroque woodwork frame around each window. This way you’ll look like a picture whenever you have a peek outdoors. Finally the South Western window style gives a much more minimalist approach, with a tall open window and usually burlap or other earthy material as curtains inside, to soften the light but still make the window a feature.

Alterative geometric shapes are definitely a good way of doing something different. You don’t have to go asymmetrical to make things stand out either. A simple sphere design gives a great field of view from a window, whilst supplying that wow factor on coming into the room. Windmill shades, such as the great example in Drew House, Queensland, are another way to bring out the alternative circular shape.

You can also use stained glass to make things really creative. Spider wed designs are popular, but simple bands of colour or vines give a Victorian, pre-Raphaelite look. For people lucky enough to have the space an arched gothic window brings a lot of character into a room, and is a great space for some traditional stained glass too.

These might be some of the more out-there ideas, but there is choice available when it comes to custom fitted windows. So there’s no reason not to let your imagination run riot, even if it’s just to get a few decoration ideas for your standard windows.

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Thanks to Keiran  Taylor who runs a double glazing company in Cardiff. Keiran is a home improvement enthusiast and blogs regularly on a number of home improvement blogs.

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