All About Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace makes your home cozy and warm when its cold outside. Even if your home doesn’t have a chimney, you can experience the benefits of a fireplace. Fireplaces make an attractive statement when placed in a room. They also do a great job of providing a significant amount of heat in a room. There are many designs and styles of fireplaces that have thermostats that allow you to turn the heat up or down. A fireplace heater will add a decorative touch to any room in your home. You can search for different styles online to get some ideas about the types that will look good in your home. An electric fireplace doesn’t need to be vented so they can be placed anywhere. You will also save money on wood, and they are inexpensive to operate. You will not have to worry about cleaning ash and soot from the fireplace or surrounding areas of your home.

How To Choose An Electric Fireplace

Research electric fireplaces online to find a reputable manufacturer. You can read product reviews and customer feedback forums to determine the difference between fireplace manufacturers. The next step is to decide the style of fireplace that will coordinate well with other elements in the room. You want a fireplace that blends well with the existing decor. Determine how much floor space you have available for the fireplace. Choose a location where a standard electrical outlet is available. You can choose a fireplace that resembles a wood stove, or choose one with a mantel.

Electric Fireplace Maintenance

Maintaining your fireplace is the best way to make it last for years. Check the cord periodically to ensure it isn’t frayed or cracked. Clean the fireplace according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Clean the firebox and control compartment with your vacuum’s attachment brushes. The glass on the fireplace should be cleaned using mild soap and water. Don’t use glass cleaner, because it can damage the special glass. Contact a professional contractor to clean the heating system at least once a year. An electric fireplace requires much less maintenance than a traditional fireplace.

Safety Tips

A traditional fireplace presents a safety issue, if you have pets or small children. An electric fireplace doesn’t present the same type of fire hazards. They are safer than space heaters because they will not easily tip over. Most units will come with a safety cutoff device that will shut the system off if it tips over. Don’t place your fireplace next to combustible materials. The flooring surrounding the unit should be nonflammable. Don’t place flammable objects on or near the fireplace. Always read your owner’s manual when you purchase a new unit. Follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines at all times.

You will enjoy the convenience of an electric fireplace so much that you may want to add additional units to other rooms in your home. Follow safety guidelines when considering placing additional units in other rooms. Most people use the electric fireplace to reduce the need to use expensive central heating systems.

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