Adding Character With Timber Frame Construction

One part of home design which is sadly overlooked by many of the major house builders nowadays is character. Yes it’s important to use all the available space and yes it’s important that the fixtures and fittings are all of a good standard, but unfortunately it’s the character element which is missing from most of these new homes.
Character is very important in a house and it’s even more important if you are building the house yourself. If you decide to design, build and live your own house there’s usually one reason for doing so and it’s usually not to make money – it’s so you can design something you will be proud off and something which will meet all your needs. However if character is left on the drawing board the completed project may feel a touch disappointing. Character is something that comes from paying careful attention to detail, great design the addition of a touch of passion.
Nowadays the word character is often over used by people in the construction industry who use the term to paint a pretty picture over some of the more curious irregularities that pop up from time to time in some of the properties which feature on the market. However the term does genuinely apply to those houses that are a bit more unique than those that make up the run of the mill.
Unfortunately conventional properties are usually not that original and so those with bona fide character tend to stand above their peers.
All this means that it is imperative that you speak to your designers about how to give your property character when you are designing your home. You might have ideas which are hard to put on paper or ideas which are against the norm, but don’t be afraid to vocalise these. Many older properties have character by virtue of belonging to a different era, so it takes all types of creative expertise from your construction specialist to give a new property its own sense of character.
Timber frame construction
One of the easiest ways to give a new home character is to choose a construction technique where character is an intrinsic part of the build method. And perhaps the technique which can add the most character to any property is timber frame construction.
Timber frame construction comes in many different forms with some houses simply using timber as the internal framework – a method which provides many benefits including reduced build time and reduced build costs. However, timber can also be used to great effect to add character to a property. Its natural beauty combined with its strength and individuality makes timer the perfect material to use for A-frame beams and structural joists. And it’s these beams and joist which when visible can give that much needed character to a property.
Leaving the timber frame exposed on the inside of a home can be an excellent idea because it lends a very particular feel to the home. The elegant look of the timber combines with the fact that the frame itself demonstrates the strength and durability of the construction method makes for an excellent build solution.
Timber is a versatile enough product to accommodate all forms of interior design after the initial installation, including the very traditional and the very modern which makes it the perfect choice in a range of situations.

Ella Jones loves timber frame properties. She’s originally from Troon but now lives in a timber frame home in Dorset which she commissioned herself. She viewed various timber frame house plans before she finalised her design.

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