A Guide To Spring Cleaning

When the weather starts warming up and you want to just throw open the windows and welcome the fresh air into your home, that also means it’s time to dig in on spring cleaning. You want to get all of the dust and grime from the winter out and enjoy a fresh, clean house going into the summer. Here are just a few of the tasks you should tackle during your spring cleanings.

Wash Windows: Especially after several months of dreary weather, it’s wonderful to let the sunlight into your house again. Wash your windows, inside and out, to improve your view of the changing landscape around you. If you do this job on a cloudy day, the window cleaner will be less likely to dry streaky.

Clean Gutters: You should clean your gutters twice each year, so it’s good to include them in your spring cleaning. Make sure you’re using a sturdy ladder to give you access to the gutters. When you’re done, run some water through them to ensure it drains well.

Thoroughly Clean Bathroom: Get out the scrub brush to thoroughly clean the toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower walls. Your bathroom needs at least two deep cleans per year, and it also gives you a chance to inspect your grout, caulk, and other sealants. If you find problems, like mold and leaks, it may be worth considering a bathroom remodel to fix these for the future.

Clean Under Furniture and Appliances: Dust gathers just about everywhere, and you may be surprised to discover how much of it is hiding out. Move furniture so you can vacuum under it and get all the way to the wall with an edging tool. In addition, clean under all of your kitchen appliances, your washer, and your dryer.

Wash Baseboards and Walls: You probably haven’t noticed how dirty your baseboards and walls are, but as soon as you get up close to clean them, you’ll see a lot more than you expected. Make a very weak solution of warm water and dish soap and wipe down all of your baseboards and walls during spring cleaning. You can also make note of any places where you need to touch up the paint.

Freshen Bedding: Vacuum and flip your mattress, wash your pillows, and wash all of your blankets at least twice per year. This also may be a good time to switch out the comforter you are using for a lighter one now that your house is probably warming up. Don’t forget to wash or spot clean throw pillows, too.

Although it’s called spring cleaning, most houses actually do best with a similar fall cleaning as well. Switching the deep cleaning to twice each year helps cut the grime and clutter so each cleaning is less work. You can also identify problems and have time to schedule big fixes, like a bathroom remodel, into your schedule during a time that’s most convenient for you.

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