A guide to creative window décor

Contrary to popular belief windows are not just meant to provide a view of the surroundings, keep out the cold and ensure that the heat remains in the house, they can also play a major role in adding beauty to the interior of the house. The windows of a house are indeed part and parcel of the interior décor of the house and as such it is very possible to add a number of extras to the windows to enable them come out as attractive and well thought out designs.

Window blinds and net curtains

Decorating your window can be approached from a number of angles. You can start with the net curtains; the obvious function of net curtains is to prevent people from seeing the interior. It is also possible to make your curtains stand out as an interior design statement. You can purchase net curtains in varying measurements according to the various dimensions of your window. These curtains can be manipulated to bring out various feels to the interior of the house.

Windowsill and general decor

You can also use blinds to boost the appearance of your home’s interior. They can be used to maintain a favorable internal temperature in the home environment. This can also be done by manipulating a few aspects that will improve their appearance.

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Varying window designs, spraying and patterning

Something else that you can play around with to improve the interior of your house is the windowsill. As a matter of fact, this part of the window is very easily manipulated to achieve various results. Whatever is used to make windowsill whether wood or whatever else can be changed to a material of choice. The design that you use on your windowsill should be determined by the general design of your home’s interior; make sure that they complement each other.

With windowsills, it is possible to add a number of decorations. It could be live plants or ceramics or some form of artsy decoration. As you go about decorating this particular part of the window, try and ensure that your design is centered on a particular theme that you find attractive. You can bring out different feelings with different themes.

The number of window designs in today’s world is almost countless. In most cases, people lack the imagination to bring forth a creative angle with the windows they use on their houses. As mentioned, the number of options you have for windows are so many. With a little extra money you can buy exceptional designs that are not commonly used in many homes. With your choice of window, you can then proceed on to manipulate it according to your liking. Use different artistic patterns and also make use of sprays. Use different sprays for different occasions and seasons.

The purpose of windows in the home is not just limited to the obvious functional needs as mentioned. With just a bit of imagination and creativeness you can bring a whole new feeling within the house. Follow the above mentioned ideas and add your own touch so that you can feel a complete sense of ownership.

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