A Few Mirrors Go A Long Way Toward Reviving A Dreary Home

Maybe your home has come to look a little bit like the Addams Family’s residence, and while you were a fan of the show you don’t necessarily want to go so totally Goth that the neighbors start ignoring you on the street. It happens in small increments usually. You ignore a few pieces of falling plaster, a bunch of peeling paint and a loose banister on the stairwell, and before you know it you’re living in a house of horrors and the city inspector is making frequent visits with the goal of shutting you down as a public safety hazard.

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Don’t be a nuisance to your neighborhood. Sure, leaving your house the way it is means that you don’t have to decorate on Halloween. You just leave the door open and turn down the lights. Most of the rest of the year you will not fit in so well in your neighborhood, and you will also not be appreciated very much.

There Is A Thin Line Between Gothic And Horror

It’s one thing to take on a Gothic look, and quite another to be the laughing stock horror show of your entire village. When a torchlight brigade of neighbors starts showing up at your door around midnight, demanding that you bring the monster to them, you know that it’s time to redecorate.

Of course, you can retain your Goth creed by installing some Wall mirrors from Victorian Frame Company, which are just the right style for all of you Morticia Addams wannabes. And of course some new mirrors will make your place look like less of a dump than it previously had. It might even brighten the place up a bit, which will be a pleasant surprise for all of the people around you.

It Takes Less Than You Think

Sometimes, it doesn’t take an awful lot to drastically improve the atmosphere and general appearance of a home, especially one that looks like a good candidate for the wrecking ball.

Mirrors from Victorian Frame Company can come to the rescue, and make even your trashy home appear at least somewhat inhabitable. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. You can outfit that dungeon-like living room of yours with a variety of different sized, different shaped mirrors, and that will add lots of variety to your home, and will also maximize the natural light that filters in through the cobwebs and dusty windowpanes. Your home will look brighter, and will almost appear cheerful and pleasant.

What Can’t Hurt, Can Greatly Help

It might be a good idea to try placing mirrors in many different rooms of your home, because it can’t hurt, and will likely help a great deal. No longer will your domicile scare people away. Visitors will likely choose to sit and visit for a while, rather than run away screaming, as you’ve become accustomed to. Time to stock up on snacks and beverages at your newly decorated home. You’re going to do a lot of entertaining.

Eric Blair writes about different ways of decorating a room and using materials such as Victorian Frame company vanity mirrors.

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