5 Ways New Windows Can Increase The Value And Quality Of Your Home

Replacement windows offer a great way to improve the quality of your home while increasing its value. While the visual impact will be immediate and obvious, there are a host of other benefits that many homeowners may not be aware of. These hidden benefits add to the value of a home over the long term, allowing a homeowner to get an even greater return on her investment.

  1. The visual impact is one of the most important benefits of replacement windows. They are available in a huge variety of styles and finishes to complement a home, inside and out. Fogged windows and peeling or rotted frames take away from the value of a home, and can deter potential buyers. New windows with crystal-clear panes and long-lasting frames will make a home look well maintained and add to its overall value.
  2. Inside the home, natural light looks better and makes residents feel healthier. This is especially important during winter months when people aren’t spending as much time outside. Replacement windows, with multiple panes of crystal-clear glass, allow natural sunlight into the home while blocking harmful UV rays. Homeowners can enjoy the warm glow of natural light without having to worry about faded carpets and furniture.
  3. Indoor air quality is important for any homeowner, but especially for a homeowner who suffers from allergies. A well-sealed window will help keep outdoor allergens from entering the home, helping residents breathe easy. If a homeowner uses an indoor air filter, he’ll find that the filter doesn’t have to work as hard or be cleaned as often.
  4. Ease of use is another hidden benefit of replacement windows. Old windows can be difficult to open, clean, and even lock. New windows are carefully balanced, making them a breeze to open with a single finger. They tilt into the home so they can be cleaned without having to lean dangerously out of the house. For security, new windows have multiple latches that are set into the frame to prevent tampering.
  5. Another benefit to having new windows is the overall energy savings. By blocking certain types of light from entering the home, they can prevent passive heating that can make an air conditioner work harder in the summer. With tight seals and thermal panes, they prevent drafts and conduction that can create cold spots in the winter. Replacement windows also prevent air leaks, making HVAC systems run more efficiently.

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A home is usually the largest investment a person owns. By installing replacement windows, a homeowner will add value and quality to her investment for years to come. Along with the added value, the home will be more comfortable, the energy bills will be lower, and the overall beauty will be enhanced.

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