5 Different Ways Of Using Pattern

The images that we see have, of course, been transported from the eye to the brain where the brain then processes the information accordingly. Instead of simply telling us what is there however, our minds instead try to interpret what it is seeing and this interpretation can lead to some very interesting results. Patterns in particular can be used to create different effects and we can use them in our interior design to help get our homes just as we want them to be. There are several ways you can use patterns in your home to achieve the desired effects.


Patterned wallpaper is a very effective way to use patterns in your home and the difference it can make can be surprising. With the right wallpaper your home can appear larger and more spacious or even smaller and cosier. Different patterns in the room could also help to create different moods in one room so you could have an area for relaxing and an area for eating, for example. Try experimenting a little with different patterns of wallpaper and you may be surmised at what can be achieved.


If you would like your home to have a ‘softer’ feel about it to make it cosier then you might want to use furniture with a more rounded shape. Alternatively if you would like something that will give a crisper, more clinical feel, straight edged furniture could do just the trick. Furniture also comes made in textiles and other materials that are themselves patterned, making them even more effective at helping you achieve your goal.


Hard wooden or tiled flooring can be very beautiful if you get it right but they can also at times seem cold and unwelcoming. A simple rug thrown on the floor can make a big difference to the whole room and make something that seemed otherwise bare transform into somewhere very comfortable and a relaxing place to be. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and with an endless variety of patterns so you should have no difficulty finding something that is perfect for your room.



When curtains are drawn they usually present quite a large surface area so they can make a considerable difference to the feel of a room. This means they present a perfect opportunity for you to create something a little bit different. One of the greatest things about using patterns on curtains is that they can be drawn or opened meaning you can change the feel of your room in just a few moments. For example you might like to have a room that is crisp and bright during the daytime that will become softer and cosier once the curtains are drawn.


Paintings can also help to set the mood of a room with patterns and colours that can have quite an impact. Patterns within paintings can help to draw attention to a particular area of the room and you could also try experimenting with a number of paintings to achieve the desired effect. Even the paintings themselves could be arranged into patterns and could help bring to life some sections of your walls that may otherwise be a little bland.

It is because of quirks within the human mind that even the slightest of things can often have a significant effect on how we see things and there are many ways that you can experiment with patterns. Do some research into what patterns can do for you and you may be surprised at just what you can be done.  Just a little research will show you how you can use patterns in furniture and other items to great effect.

Jess writes about everything related to archictecture and design.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadiapriestley/495707437/

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