15 Ways to Decorate Your Kids Room on a Budget

Decorating a child’s room is a great way to add character to your home. Whatever your child’s taste, personalizing his space will make him proud to call the room his own. If you are in the midst of decorating your child’s room or are looking for ideas on how to begin the project, the following information will be helpful for you. Listed below are 15 ways to decorate your kid’s room on a budget.

• Plan the process. If you want to save money when decorating your child’s room, plan the process. Planning allows you to allocate the money that you want to spend on the space and also gives you time to search for the things that you want for the space. A spur of the moment makeovers can cost more money.

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• Know where to shop. When decorating your kid’s room on a budget, it is important that you know the right places to shop. Shopping the right places can save you money.

• Use internet sources. There are many internet stores devotes solely to helping your decorate your child’s space. They offer cheaper prices and a wider selection of décor for you to choose from.

• Visit garage sales. Garage sales often have unique finds that will work perfectly in your child’s room. The greatest benefit is that you can find treasures for his space that is dirt cheap.

• Refinish old furniture. Give your child’s old bedroom furniture a facelift instead of buying new furniture to fill the space.

• Use creative ideas for blinds and curtains. Cover the windows in the room with nontraditional window coverings. For example, old pull down maps can help block the light from your child’s room and provide privacy.

• Look for décor that is not in perfect condition. When shopping at stores, take advantage of the discounts that you can get from décor that is in less than perfect condition. Wall art that may have a small defect can equal big savings for you.

• “Do it yourself” instead of hiring people to do it for you. Instead of hiring people to build shelving or complete other small projects for the room, choose to save money by completing the project yourself.

• A little paint can go a long way. Make a bold statement in the room for very little money by painting the walls the color that your child desires.

• Consider painting a mural on the wall. In addition to overall wall color, find a friend that has creative skills and recruit them to help you paint a mural on a wall. A mural makes a grand statement on the wall.

• Go with a less is more approach. Don’t try to fill the room with too many knick knacks. A less is more approach will work find and you can add more as you go along.

• Consider classic décor instead of expensive modern decoration. Sometimes, choosing classic décor will save you money. Modern décor can be expensive and will go out of style sooner than classic child’s décor.When choosing a style for your child’s space, it is important that you choose a style that will at least give you a couple of years before you have to re-design the space.

• Reuse old light fixture with an added touch.Find a creative way to add a unique touch to an old light fixture. Add paint, fringe, or find some other way to reuse old light fixtures.

• Visit thrift stores. Thrift stores will have unique finds that will be far less expensive than items that you will find at a traditional store.

• Buy from discount stores. Discount stores will have brand name décor items but for a cheaper price. Before spending tons of money on a brand name décor item for your child’s room, check a discount store in your local area to see if they have the same item for sale but at a cheaper price.

Decorating a child’s room is a great way to add a fun touch to your home. Use the tips above to help create a space for your child that is warm and welcoming. Begin by making memories together in creating the perfect room.

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  1. Be creative by using old materials in designing the kids room. And put a wall paper for kids like an Alphabet or Numbers so that they will be educate what they see.
    The most important the room must not dark, because most of the kids are afraid of the dark.

  2. Simone Rene says:

    My brother’s sister is going to have a baby soon and they are on a tight budget. This will be a very good idea to decorate their newborn son’s new room. Can’t wait to them. By the way, do you know specific online stores that offer really cool baby stuffs?

  3. Ice Correa-Gastala says:

    This helped me a lot. It inspires me and gives me an idea on how to redecorate my baby’s room on our fixed budget.I wish i can find some sale online, would you recommend one?

  4. This article will help a lot of parents in decorating their children’s rooms. I really like how you listed fifteen different ways to decorate kids’ rooms. Giving examples and step by step directions greatly help parents with decorating. Can you write more about decorating rooms, specifically teenagers? 🙂 Thanks!

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