You’re Older – Get Over It and Start Conditioning for a 1.6K Run


A 1.6 kilometer run provides a nice test warmup before a person begins to take on the challenge of a 5K run. However, too often people decide they want to get healthy and set a 5K as their goal, only to injure themselves with a pulled muscle or a damaged knee cartilage. This frequently occurs in the above 35 years of age set, trying to restart their health after years of sitting in the office in sedentary work.


Body Preparation
The trick to building up to a running goal is to set a more basic, intermediary goal being the 1.6K run. This starts first with preparing the body to run again. Most people remember running from high school physical education. However, a good majority didn’t keep up with the regimen once they hit college and then career life with a family. The fatal error is then to suddenly demand the body performs the way it did in high school just throwing on some sneakers and running down the sidewalk. That’s a fast way to get a pair of bruised inner menisci in the knees, which are painful enough to need a dosing of 800 mg of ibuprofen until the damages heals.
Instead, the body has to be tuned up again. First, if a person weighs more than 200 lbs. for a man or 150 lbs. for an average woman, some weight loss is in order. This doesn’t mean not exercising. Instead, leg muscle and coordination needs to be built up during the weight loss with low-impact exercising such as that on an elliptical and a stair-master. Both combined at least an hour a day with reduced eating will bring the weight down and strengthen the legs and knees.


Running Redux
With the body a bit lighter, the knees will suffer less from pounding. Step two involves learning how to run again. This doesn’t mean go run down the street. Instead, a person needs to begin running on a cushioned treadmill or a dirt track. Cement is the worse for knees and road asphalt is not far behind. No matter how well-designed a pair of running shoes are, older knees can’t take the pounding for long in the beginning.


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Once a person can run for twenty or thirty minutes without stopping, then the work on the 1.6K run can begin. This should begin with short 100 meter bursts to stretch out and build up energy. When warmed up, a person can then perform a full 1.6K run at a slow pace. The goal with the first runs is to just get used to the distance and find a comfortable pace. Each full run should be timed. This should be performed once or twice a day every other day in a week. By the second week and third week the runner should be pushing to increase his time slowly. The body will respond with greater and greater strength and endurance over time. When a runner can achieve a 1.6K run with a desired time without burning out and while holding a steady pace, then it’s time to begin preparing for a 5K run.


Remember, an older body needs time to adjust. If it is not allowed to rebuild its strength and capability, the weakest point with blow out. This is why folks returning to running frequently suffer immediate problems with ankles and knees or hips. Each of these joints can be a weak point when the legs are not yet prepped for new demands. Given time and steady preparation, a runner can find his speed again for both a 1.6K as well as a 5K run.

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  1. plim_14 says:

    Thanks for the tips. By tomorrow i will start my 1.6km run everyday to prepare my self to run at 5km run. Then i will run on 10 km . I will also encourage friends to run with me and attain great shape.

  2. Emee Kabingue says:

    running improves your fitness, you will likely discover that you have more pride in yourself. You will learn to appreciate your body more. You might even surprise yourself with your own capabilities and with how much you can achieve when you run. As a runner, your self-reliance, self-consciousness, and self-commitment may also increase greatly.

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