Who Uses Anti Ligature Devices?

This week I’d like to talk about the challenges of designing fixtures for maximum security prisons. It’s a strange subject, but one which requires merit.

High security institutions have special needs for their fixtures; for example a regular ceramic sink just won’t stand up to the abuse, any hard object can crack the ceramic, that can lead to chips breaking off that can ever be used as weapons. This happens more times than you may care to think of. People who are willing to self harm are usually very creative and have often used things to harm or maim themselves and other you wouldn’t even think possible. Anti ligature devices are often molded, with smooth or no edges and have proved to be extremely effective in reducing self harming in the past.

Types of materials:

The material of choice for high secure environments is stainless steel; a lot of the same properties that make it ideal for schools and hospitals apply to secure environments as well. It doesn’t chip; it’s hard as steel and it’s stainless.

anti ligature devices

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A key design requirement is anti ligature, which is a politically correct way to say “non-strangling.”

On a typical sink there are all sorts of places you could tie a shoelace, around the tap handle or around the exposed plumbing. Now compare that with an anti ligature model; with the anchors through the wall the Franklin has no way to tie anything around the smooth taps, nor is there any exposed plumbing.

Going one step further in this institutional sink called The Louisville; it has no visible taps, the water flow is activated by a button or a sensor on the face above the sink, there is no edges that can be used to cut, it’s completely built with no exposed plumbing, so it can’t be dismantled and it’s made of 1 and a half millimeter stainless steel with reinforcing brackets so it can literally take a beating.

Anti Ligature For High Security Institutions:

Like high security environments, even regular schools need to keep students safe. Dean told us that fixtures in schools can’t have any sharp edges or corners, every corner must have a radius. Bullying can be a concern in schools so this circular sink design from Pland allows students to keep a potential bully inside rather than turning their back as they would for a wall-mounted sink.

That’s it from us for this week. Hope you’ve learned something. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

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