What’s All This Talk About Raspberry Ketones?

If you’ve been watching a lot of TV, and if you’ve heard a lot of health and fitness claims, then you’ve surely heard about raspberry ketones. These molecules got their day in the sun when Dr. Oz talked about them being a weight loss miracle in a bottle.

But what exactly are raspberry ketones, and why is there so much buzz about them?

Raspberry ketones are important in the health and beauty industry. They are extracted from raspberries, and, in their purest form, are one of the most expensive compounds. As a result, many companies choose a laboratory-synthesized version of the molecule. Raspberry ketones provide both flavor and scent, and can be used in perfumes as well as sweets.

Raspberry ketones have long been marketed in Japan as a weight loss supplement. This is because two mouse studies have shown that raspberry ketones can speed up metabolism, as well as prevent mice from accumulating fat even if they were fed a high fat diet. There has been no published, peer-reviewed study on human subjects yet, but the mouse study does show promise for the weight loss industry.

Raspberry ketones work by encouraging the release and breakdown of fats from the body’s existing fat stores. Raspberry ketones also encourage the rise of core body temperature through brown adipose tissue (BAT), a special fatty tissue that stores heat energy. In this manner, raspberry ketones provide an internal warm up to encourage exercise and movement, as well as a means to efficiently burn the fats that you already have. In this way, you can lose weight because you’re pushed to exercise the excess weight that you do have.

Thanks to the mouse studies and Dr. Oz’s show, raspberry ketone supplements have been flying off the shelves. Anecdotal evidence shows that many people have lost weight when they coupled raspberry ketones with a change in lifestyle. That is, they changed their diets from one of processed foods, to one in which they consumed more fresh fruits and vegetables. They also drank more water and less soda, had more sleep, and were less stressed.

They also exercised more, which led to leaner muscles, less body fat – and in some cases, higher body weight. This may be due to the heavier muscle mass that they gained from exercising. Some people also reported having more energy for exercise.

There are also negative reviews, although they are fewer, and often due to lack of exercise on the part of the reviewers. Since raspberry ketones have still not been extensively tested, it would be wise to keep an open mind about them. They may or may not have the effects that they are purported to possess, but they might still be a promising weight loss supplement!

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