What You Need To Know About Oral Cysts

An oral cyst is a noncancerous sac that forms within the tissue or bone of the mouth. It may be filled with fluid or air and should be removed as soon as possible in order to prevent potentially severe complications. A sample of any tissue or fluid removed from the cyst should be examined in a laboratory equipped with the technology necessary to determine the presence of any malignant cells that may exist.

Common Types of Oral Cysts

woman with jaw painThe following includes descriptions of the most common types of oral cysts. Only a licensed oral surgeon is qualified to correctly evaluate and diagnose these problems.

  • Periapical Cyst: The periapical cyst is the most commonly reported oral cyst. It develops as a result of an infected tooth. When the pulp, or the tissue deep within the tooth, decays and dies, bacteria may leak out and spread to other tissues in the area. Additional cysts may form in the gums or adjacent cheek tissue due to infection and diminished blood circulation. Another name for this type of cyst is radicular cyst.

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