What Makes Damon Braces Different?

Damon braces make use of special clips that are attached to the teeth to hasten the process of alignment and correction. It’s these clips that make it different from all other types of braces procedures. With traditional braces, its elastic bands that hold the brackets together and there’s a need for the orthodontist to regularly make adjustments for this, forcing the teeth to set in its place. The clips in damon braces, on the other hand, provide less pressure and are self-ligating. It also causes less friction in the gums; thus, management of it is not as painful or uncomfortable.

Damon Braces

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Better Aesthetics

The clips are also smaller; hence in terms of aesthetics, wearing this offers a lot more improvement than regular braces.  The clips are not completely invisible, though. It does come with some silvery metal still. But in the absence of ligatures, the braces are made less noticeable in the mouth, which makes wearing it better. It doesn’t cramp one’s style and appearance.  This is one of the reasons why more and more people are opting to go with damon braces, precisely because of the way it helps with “looks”. This definitely does a lot for someone’s confidence.

A Lot More Expensive

Damon braces cost slightly more expensive than metal braces or ceramic braces. Because of how they are designed and what this can do to the teeth, however, it may be a better investment. This dental appliance can work at a faster pace, so that the whole process is completed in a short time. Normally, a traditional braces treatment can take more than 24 months to finish before the actual braces are removed. Shorter treatment time means less visits to the dentist, and less time is spent on braces management. Some say that damon braces work four times faster than the usual types, with visits to the dentist taking place every ten weeks, instead of six weeks.

In terms of effectiveness, it delivers the same results as traditional methods. It can be affixed on patients with every sort of alignment and bite problems, as well as concerns with jaw and the rest of the mouth. Other types of braces that are manufactured using the most advanced of technologies have limited coverage and use; it cannot fix other problems of the teeth, which is what brace-wearing should do in the first place.

Easier to Maintain

Finally, damon braces are easier to clean than metal bracket types. Since it is has smaller components, food are less likely to get caught in the wires, which makes cleaning up easier to accomplish.

Looking at all these reasons, it’s easy to say that damon braces is a most practical and effective solution for those considering a braces treatment. Management and ease of use are also important choices when thinking about a brace procedure, and this type definitely delivers those.

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