What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

You may be a smoker who really wants to seriously cut down or even kick the habit. It is unhealthy and becoming increasingly expensive and the smell of smoke on your clothes is nauseating. There is all that temptation with tobacco everywhere you look, all those chemicals in the cigarettes that make it virtually impossible to kick the craving and it is a real uphill struggle. Help really is at hand and it is not the patches and gum this time either.

For some it is not just the nicotine craving but also the ‘having the hands doing something’ factor that is also hard to ignore. The solution to many dreams could well be the electric cigarette for many reasons.

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The main reason to get excited about electric cigarettes is that unlike regular cigarettes they do not contain many dangerous chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde. Instead they are purported to contain only propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and / or polyethylene glycol 400. This is obviously a lot better for the individual and additionally this vapour does not smell like smoke so your clothes are safe in that sense. You may think the cost of the electric cigarette device is going to be too much compared to the standard type considering that it contains batteries but think again. In most cases the annual saving against standard cigarettes is considerable and whilst the makers of electric cigarettes are not claiming that they are the healthiest thing known to man there have been many cases where they have helped users to better health by stamping out the regular dosage of bad chemicals associated with regular cigarettes. All in all, these could be sound investments for people who smoke.

How do you get your hands on them? There are many trusted retailers online and most good retailers will sell them with a number of refill cartridges to keep you going too. In the physical world electric cigarettes can be bought in newsagents, chemists and pubs for example. Due to the nature of these products the user can enjoy them in many places including confined spaces like trains and buses plus more open spaces such as clubs, bars and so on.

With electric cigarettes the many benefits of using them are strikingly clear. You just have to give them a try especially if you are looking to curb or even quit your normal smoking habit.

Article written by Chris Wallace representing the electronic cigarette supplier http://www.vipelectroniccigarette.co.uk/.

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