Why Venice is Made for Marriage Proposals

The setting for a marriage proposal should be as unique as the two people making the commitment to engaging in a lifetime of love. Of all the locations in the world, it should be one where its rich history lives in its architecture to symbolize love’s endurance; equally, it should have the presence of nature in its waterways, symbolizing the fluidity of the emotions romantic love creates between two people.

The Blending of Man-made Structures with Nature

The place for a marriage proposal should be one that blends man-made creations, evident in its structures, with nature’s presence – evident in its waterways weaving in and around its architecture. A perfect place for a marriage proposal has this man-made architecture to symbolize the human effort made to sustain a lasting union. It has the presence of nature in water, as well, to symbolize the ultimate mystery of romantic love.

The Traditions That Lifetime Love Creates

The location chosen for a marriage proposal should be a place where classical art exists in many forms. It should be one that is rich in culture to reflect the traditions of family that will be built through this special union. It should be rich in elegance and beauty to seal into memory this precious moment. It should be a place where fine food and fine wine are plenty, representing the elements for sustaining life that will be a part of the new union created through marriage.

Romantic Love Immortalized in One Perfect Destination

A marriage proposal is a lasting memory meant to be shared with others. In the perfect setting of Venice, Italy, it will be a memory sprinkled with history, culture, art and beauty. It will be a setting that is a vision of delight to the eyes and nourishment to the spirit. Venice, Italy, as a place for a marriage proposal will be no less than a fairytale, as this location visually represents the magical feelings that love brings into a couple’s lives.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Floating on a gondola or sitting at a quaint café among the shops, eateries and marble structures, Venice, Italy, is the perfect place for proposing marriage to that special someone. This location is as unique as this special moment. There is no other place as perfect as Venice, Italy, for asking the love of a lifetime to say yes to marriage. Begin this lifetime of love together by creating this perfect memory among the canal palaces, marble structures and Venetian art in the beautiful location of Venice, Italy.


Photo Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeduck/4739249339/

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