Which Offers The Best Value For Money: Rail, Air or Coach

There’s no doubting that all three of the modes of transport listed in the title to this piece have had big parts to play in making new parts of the world accessible to us all over the last half-century.

Judging Value

And when judging which one offers the best value, several things have to be borne in mind. First is the distance you intend to travel. In a generation, there is little doubt that the proliferation of new airlines, offering the possibility of reaching all manner of new places, has meant that getting to some hitherto remote and exotic destinations has become far more within the reach of many people.


Second is the accessibility of your planned destination. If you are planning a city break, it is likely that you will be able to enjoy a more or less seamless journey, which might only involve one mode of transport. These trips are likely to offer the best value, and certainly be the most convenient way of travelling, simply because only one ticket will need to be bought, and you will be taken directly from one end of your journey to the other.


Invariably though, it is more likely that your trip will involve a combination of transport modes, and it is on any such journey that you can really appreciate the advantages intrinsic to each one. For example, for getting from country to country via the most direct route and in the shortest possible time, air wins nearly every time, unless it is on a route which has direct competition from a high-speed rail route.

The beauty of making such a journey by train is that your transport will take you straight from city centre to city centre. However, it is often the case that, because, in rail terms, such fast journeys are seen as a premium product, they also command a premium in the fare.

rail travelling

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The third and final factor when deciding on the best-value transport is whether the time the journey takes is a consideration. If it isn’t, and you would like to see plenty of the country you are visiting along the way, then a coach is difficult to beat. A train will be quicker, of course, but again you can simply relax and watch the scenery whizz by your window. When you are in a plane, though, while you will get a bird’s eye view of your route, you might not be able to see much due to the size of the plane’s windows.

In conclusion, rail, air and coach travel all offer factors on which they can be considered to offer great value for money. But ultimately, judging that value will be down to whether you simply view the journey as a means to an end, or part of the holiday experience itself.

Contributed by Liz, a travel representative specialising in coach holidays in the UK.


  1. Dennis S.Asi says:

    I think the best value that transportation could offer is the train.Because its price is more reasonable than the plane and the speed is doubled than a coach.And it is more convenient than a bus.

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