Travelling Alone – is it Worth it?

For many people the idea of travelling alone is daunting and therefore never discussed or pondered upon. The concept of jumping onto a plane and heading off into a barren country with not one friend can seem crazy, but we can guarantee you, it will provide you with some of the best experiences in your life. The challenges you will face will often leave you wondering why you made the choice to come alone, but nothing can provide the same high, as when you singly handily overcome these hurdles by yourself. Below, we’ve listed the some key reasons as to why you should venture off all by yourself for your next journey!

Freedom to go where YOU want to go!

Travelling alone allows you to make the decisions. There is no bickering or quarrels with your best friend or travel partner, simply because you don’t have one. You can choose any route, country, accommodation or food… the choices are endless. If you wish to stay in one country for a month or more, you are free to. This ability to be 100% in control, truly allows yourself to accumulate a strong appreciation and gratitude for the holiday you chose, instead of being on a holiday and in turn, having every decision made for you.


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The satisfaction of overcoming massive hurdles

Undoubtedly travelling on your own can throw many obstacles and challenges at you… often. You will have no support, in regards to a friend or travel partner to overcome these issues. This however, is all the fun. Being at a tight point in your travels and having the responsibility of making an educated decision to essentially ‘save’ yourself, not only develops your life skills as a whole, it also provides a high unlike no other. The sheer satisfaction when reflecting back upon a tough period or event during the travel, thinking “I can’t believe I managed to get myself through that”, is truly rewarding. It will not only benefit yourself in terms of self-confidence but will also make for a good story to your friends when you return home.

The ‘why not’ attitude you never knew existed

If you have decided to make the brave step to travel alone, you may as well decide to take onboard the ‘why not’ attitude. The concept is simple, whenever an invitation, event, new food idea etc is proposed, you don’t analyse the choice and factor in all the risks or discomforts, you just say ‘why not’ and do it! Taking this approach onboard when solo travelling will push your personal boundaries, will lead you to meet interesting people and will take you places you would have never intended on visiting previously. All in all, leaving you with a truly unique, but truly memorable travel experience.

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