Travel Trend – Being a Tourist in your Home Town!

What are you doing this coming weekend? If your answer is the generic “nothing much” or “just relaxing”, you are in need of some fresh ideas! Through personal travel, I have always noted how so many travellers often have more interesting ideas then the locals themselves. It seems to be that once you are settled into the cosy nest you call ‘home’, that all the adventurous idea cease to exist or pertain to exploration within another country. It is a shame to see the offerings of a local town going to waste. Not to worry though, I have listed a number of ways to get you back on your feet and into that adventurous spirit once again – all in the comfort of your home town!

Go for a surf on a couch

CouchSurfing (CS) is a great concept! The idea is simple. If you are a host, you can offer your couch to a travelling couch surfer and they stay with you. It is a great way to meet keen travellers with an urge for adventure. Perfect to get you motivated! The idea of having a stranger in your house is not welcoming to most, if so, you can still use CS to meet up for weekly events or show a traveller around without them actually staying at your place. This way, you’ll find yourself exploring parts your home town you never knew existed.


Meet Up with some fresh people

‘Meet Up’ is another great site that allows a group of people to essentially ‘meet up’ for a specific social event or activity. I have a friend constantly telling me how great his hiking ‘meet up’ was or about the great the people he met on the beer run (a 15km jog followed by a social sweaty night at a pub). Meet Ups are run pretty much everywhere and I would even say there are some going on right now in your hometown!

Be creative, be spontaneous

So Couch surfing or Meetup might not be for you. So if you prefer to explore on your own, it only takes an open attitude willing to try new things. Often it is as simple as thinking like a tourist. I.e. “What museums can I see this weekend?” People will often avoid visiting such tourist attractions in their local area but these are great. You will learn how your hometown came to be what it is, along with all the little side stories that happened along the way and most of all, you will feel a greater sense of belonging.

Sarah Paiges a Residential real estate in Illawarra expert who grew up in her hometown of Brooks Reach. When she isn’t showing people property hse is showing them around her hometown.

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