Transportation to and from the Bountiful Vegas Nightlife

When in Vegas, how do you plan to get around the city and to all of the places that you want to visit? You have a few options, and I’ve used them all. I want to go over those options with you and help you find the right choices for your next sojourn to Sin City. Knowing a bit about the transportation in the city can help you.


You could drive on your own if you brought your vehicle or rented a vehicle. However, when you are going to a couple of clubs throughout the night, this is going to be a hassle. Finding parking is going to be a chore, and you probably don’t want to pay a valet all the time. In addition, you will have to make sure that your designated driver is up to the task.

Rather than driving on your own, you could choose to use a cab. The cabs are efficient, although some of the drivers seem to try to find every divot in the road that they can. You will find that the city has plenty of cabs, too, so you should never have trouble finding what you need. However, the cabs are not cheap, and if you go to a couple of clubs each night and you are always taking a cab, it’s going to cost quite a bit.


Using your feet is another option, and it can be fun to get out onto the street and look at all of the people while you are hopping clubs. However, it can take time to get from one club to another if they are far apart.

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The Tram

The new, or at least relatively new, rail tram that they have running through the strip can be a huge help when you don’t want to walk from one end of the strip to the other to visit a different club. Keep in mind that the tram costs, so make sure that you have cash for your tickets. You can also buy tickets in advance, which I recommend. If you are going out to a club and you believe that you are going to be using the tram to get back to your hotel – or at least closer to it – then you will want to buy them in advance.

Your best option is to have a plan of attack. Know some of the clubs that you want to visit and stay in a hotel near them. Plan your cab rides or tram rides, or even stay in the same hotel as the club that you love. That’s certainly the easiest thing to do!

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