Top Holiday Accidents Waiting to Happen

this post answers the following questions
1. What is the biggest cause of automobile accidents?
2. What are the causes of premises accidents?
3. What are the causes of sports accidents?
4. What are the causes of boating accidents?
5. Can we avoid all of this accidents?

Holidays are supposed to be the time you enjoy yourself doing things you love doing, even if that is mostly nothing. But many holidays are spoiled by accidents, caused by things you did, failed to do, or thought unimportant. Many of these causes are avoidable but were not avoided. Below are the leading causes of holiday accidents.

Automobile accidents. One more bottle of beer or a glass of wine may not be much, but it can impair your judgment and slow your reflexes during critical moments while on the road, particularly those you might be unfamiliar with. Driving while intoxicated remains one of the biggest causes of road accidents for people on a holiday. Speeding and weather are the other top causes, followed by sleepiness and distractions on the road.

Tourists who are fond of copying what the locals do often experience accidents while on holiday. Riding on top of rickety public vehicles –something Westerners do not do at home– is the most frequent cause of holiday accidents of this type.

Premises accidents. Slippery pool tiles, wet lobby floors, and loose carpets are just a few of the causes of accidents that can befall a holiday-goer in an unfamiliar place like a hotel. People can experience accidents like falls, spills, bumping into hard objects, or being hit by heavy items like bags or pieces of luggage, even in high-class hotels around the world, although perhaps the incidence rate is lower. Nevertheless, a holidaying individual should take due care when in unfamiliar premises.

Sports accidents. Many winter holidays have been wrecked by broken bones and injured bodies sustained while skiing, sledding, or tobogganing. A new slope, for instance, can pose a good challenge to a skier, but there are as well good chances he would be hurt skiing there. After all, he might not know the nuances of the place or the terrain under all that snow to encounter difficult moments when he makes decisions that are faulty based on the conditions.

Boating accidents are also fairly frequent for holidaying landlubbers trying to enjoy the water. Because they are generally unfamiliar with the element and how it acts under specific conditions, appropriate care is usually not taken or taken for granted, exposing them to dangers commonly avoided by water-familiar individuals. Many such accidents may also be caused by intoxicated holiday boaters who either became daredevils or careless on the water.

Ailments and allergies resulting from swimming in e-coli contaminated water also happens to holiday-goers in many instances. Exposure to unhealthy surroundings in public markets, transportation terminals, festival gatherings and roadside restaurants can also cause unforeseen illnesses for tourists and holiday-goers.

Going on a holiday should be an enjoyable experience, which is the basic intent. However, many holiday-goers do not take the necessary precautions and care when on their holidays in foreign places and environments, or simply take too many iffy chances for the sake of ‘adventure’, regretting what they did when accidents occur afterwards. Remember accidents do happen, but they happen mostly when care is not taken by the individual.

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