Top 5 Romantic Locations in Australia

Australia is known for many qualities, but it is probably fair to say that romance isn’t high on the list of characteristics you would associate with the country. However, many locations around Australia are brilliant for escaping to with a loved one and relaxing with nothing but each other for company.

We explored the top five romantic destinations across the country, detailing why they are so majestic and should be on any couples’ ‘must visit’ list.

Palm Cove, Queensland

Cairns is one of the great northern cities that is often ignored by holidaymakers thanks to the popularity of places around the rest of the country. That said, the city is a great base camp from which you can head further north to Palm Cove.

Getting there is only a 30-minute drive, and it is one of the most exclusive and luxurious places in the whole of Australia. Whether you are looking for sandy beaches, upmarket restaurants, luxury beach huts or a secluded spot to lay and get lost in each other’s arms, Palm Cove delivers on all fronts.

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

This area is already globally recognised due to the hugely popular range of wines that are produced from the region. While the vineyards here are definitely worth a visit, the whole area is a calm and peaceful location with romance in the air at every turn.

Despite Hunter being relatively remote, there are still a number of top-quality restaurants and hotels here where couples can enjoy a decadent break.

Lorne, Victoria

Head south of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road and discover this hidden treasure for yourself. The great thing about Australia is that it is filled with beaches and gorgeous towns that are so remote that people rarely venture there.

Great beaches, sheer cliffs, lush forests and mountains all form part of the landscape here, which is great for a romantic picnic or evening under the stars.

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Margaret River, Western Australia

This small yet eclectic town on the south-western coast has everything that a romantic couple could ask for. There are great beaches, nature trails, parkland, or a town with some of the very best shops and restaurants in the whole of the country.

Whether you stay in or head out of town, romance is never far away here.

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Fewer places in Australia offer better opportunities for a sunset stroll along the coast, or dinner in a harbour front restaurant as the sun disappears over the Pacific.

Great hotels are complemented by a rich culture, with art galleries and nature reserves not far away, while this area is also a hotspot for whale and penguin spotting.

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