Top 5 Places to Find Buried Treasure

Anyone who has watched the 1985 classic film The Goonies, has probably been left with a burning desire to find hidden treasure.

But it’s not all the stuff of fiction; diamonds, gold, pirate booty – they’ve all been discovered in the past.

In fact, buried treasure may be a lot closer than you think!

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1) Oak Island (Canada)

Just because you know where a treasure is buried, doesn’t always mean that it’s easy to reach, and few know that better than the treasure hunters of the Oak Island money pit.

The pit was discovered in 1795 by Daniel McGinnis. He discovered a depression in the ground and assumed that something had been buried, but over 200 years later there has been no successful discovery.

The reason for this lack of success is that as people have dug down, water comes rushing in and floods the hole.

Every few metres, oak platforms were discovered, and one of the earliest accounts records a cryptic stone recovered that read ‘forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried’. But people have speculated that the treasure could be anything from Marie Antoinette’s lost jewels to the Holy Grail.

Personally I’d settle for silver or gold, but if you got all the way to the bottom only to find a once prized 18th century solid oak dining table, you’ve be a bit miffed!

Verdict: Critics argue that it’s just a natural sinkhole, but if you had the resources and means, who knows what you might find!

2) Lake Guatavita (Columbia)

Lake Guatavita in Columbia is the site of a custom once practiced by the Muisca tribe. When a new Zipa (ruler) was introduced, they would be covered in gold dust and placed onto a raft on the lake. The Zipa would then dive off the raft into the water, and worshippers would throw in trinkets.

Several attempts to drain the lake have been made, first in 1545 using slave labour and buckets and a more sophisticated attempt in 1911 that succeeded in draining the lake. The only problem was that the mud set like concrete, trapping any remaining treasures!

Verdict: The custom continued for at least 200 years, so there are plenty of treasures left to be found! But you’ll have to be willing to get very wet (and very muddy!) to find them!

3) France (100km from the sea)


This location may seem very vague, but sadly that’s all that’s known about the location of La chouette d’or (the golden owl).

This is a modern day treasure hunt set by Max Valetin in 1993. There are 11 clues to lead you to the location of the golden owl statue, and the puzzle has never been solved.

Many desperate attempts have been made to find it; someone once bombed a chapel due to believing the owl was underneath!

Start the puzzle:

Verdict: You’ll probably need a very good grasp of the French language, but it’s great if you’re up for a challenge!


4) Murfreesboro, Arkansas (USA)

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But if you’re thinking that all of these buried treasures seem like a lot of hard work, then how about a treasure hunting holiday instead?

The Crater of Diamonds state park is the only place in the world where the general public can search for diamonds. Its finders keepers, so this holiday could easily pay for itself!

You don’t even need tools as some people have found diamonds just lying on the soil, but everything’s available to rent if you want to step it up a notch.

Verdict: With camping facilities, an on-site water park and beautiful woodland surroundings, it’s the perfect treasure hunting getaway!

5) Geocaching (Worldwide)

If all of these treasures seem half a world away, then fear not, as there are hidden treasures everywhere – you just have to know where to look!

Geocaching is a treasure hunt on a global scale; it’s played by finding hidden containers at specific GPS co-ordinates!

When you take your prize, be sure to leave something of equal or greater value.

Verdict: With nearly 2 million active geocaches, there are sure to be treasures near you!

Happy hunting!

Have you ever found buried treasure?


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