Top 4 Snorkelling Holiday Destinations

Snorkelling is all about viewing up close coral reefs and tropical fish – and even swimmers who are not especially strong like to have a go. Therefore the best snorkelling holidays take into account both your swimming ability – and the quality of those reefs and fish.

Here are some of the top snorkelling holidays and destinations to suit all abilities.

Australia – Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the premier spots for snorkelling and viewing sea life up close. Holidays in Australia are now commonplace and the Great Barrier Reef is worth making a trip to while you are in Oz, as it is the largest organic structure on Earth ie not made by man, but it developed all on its own. A UNESCO site, the Great barrier Reef is so vast it can be seen from Outer Space – making it truly out of this world, although very much part of this planet. Cairns is one location snorkelling trips depart from and it is also easy to book package holidays to Cairns – see tour operator Mercury Direct for value-for-money packages to Australia for families, groups or solo travellers.

Egypt – Red Sea Resorts

Snorkelling in Egypt is suitable for swimmers at all levels and trips are available as an afternoon or day’s adventure – or as a dedicated watersports holiday. Sharm El Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula is one of the most popular resorts, and a walkway has been constructed out into the sea just above the coral reefs, so the fish are ready and waiting as soon you dip a toe in the warm waters of the Red Sea. There are plenty of luxury hotels and all-inclusive package hotels at Sharm, so snorkellers on all budgets can enjoy the charm of Sharm’s coral reefs and the splendid fish which inhabit them.

Italy – Sardinia

Orosei’ Gulf off the Italian island of Sardinia is a wonderful experience for snorkellers and some tour operators arrange specialist snorkelling holidays to the island. The seas off Sardinia are deep turquoise and along the wild coast of the Orosei’ Gulf are caves to explore and unspoiled beaches perfect for the dedicated snorkeller. There are local companies operating snorkelling trips along the coast in this region – the website Responsible Travel has all the info your need, plus some wonderful images of the fun you will have and the fish and you will meet when you get there.

Mexico – Tulum

Mexico is now becoming a standard holiday destination for package tour operators, but head for Tulum where you will find local snorkelling company DiveTulum, which organises snorkelling and diving trips to the coral reef, which lies close to the shoreline; as well as snorkelling trips to an underground pool at the mouth of the sea. Tulum is a PADI 5-star Gold Resort, so you will enjoy the best diving and snorkelling, with safety paramount. DiveTulum also offers cave diving for more intrepid divers – cave diving training is also available for experienced scuba divers.

When abroad on a package holiday, it is the package travel regulations 1992 that allows you to make a compensation claim if something was not right with your holiday.

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