Tips for Travelling with Kids

You finally garnered enough vacation time and you decided on a trip somewhere wild and exotic where there’s no traffic, lots of character and stars by the millions. You probably picked somewhere like the Kruger Park or Sahara Dessert just to get the edge off and get away from the rest of the world. The only problem is that you cant drop off the kids at your parents or your family so you have to take them with you. Problem solved! We have the solution and some handy tips to keep them on a leash so that you can enjoy the stay and the quiet of nature.

  • Keep travelling distance in mind

You want to go to twenty different parks, watering holes and twenty five rivers but you have to keep in mind that your kids are…well kids. They can’t cover as much distance as you and they will definitely get antsy and throw a fuss. Stick to a few places and try to do as much as possible at each one.

  • Relegate the chores

Depending on the age of your children you will constantly hear about Johnny not doing the dishes or Martha refusing to build a fire. When you land at your destination take stock of all the chores that you cant ignore (since you’re on holiday) and divide them equally. Rule with an iron first!

  • Medical issues

If your child or a friend of your child with medical issues is going with you on the trip you should have all their medical supplies nearby. Also keep a list of all their allergies and medication on a piece of paper if the child goes into shock and cant tell you what they need.

  • Pre-book your accommodation

There’s nothing like a bunch of kids fighting, running around or badgering you while you are looking for an accommodation. Get all of your details sorted out before you go on your trip so that the overall journey will be smooth. At least you’ll have a place to put the kids if you need a new accommodation.

  • Projects for the kids

To give your children an idea of where they are going you should give them little projects to familiarise them with the area. They can draw birds native to the area they are going, build little houses,find it in the encyclopedia and more. This is also a great way for them to learn and build their general knowledge.


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  1. Designated meeting spots
  2. Kids run around and sometimes they get distracted. Before you start out you should give everyone a designated area to meet each other if things go wrong and you can’t find each other. It certainly gives everyone a piece of mind and a strategy should they get lost in the throng of people.

Ruan Smit has booked in many times at his favourite Kruger park spot and enjoys sharing his experiences and tips for people who want to go on their own safari adventures with their kids.

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