The World is Your Oyster

The world, it is said, is your oyster….and today there is virtually no limit on the places you can visit and the sights you can see.

Pick up any travel brochure and the possibilities are endless…and a few clicks of a keyboard can turn your dreams into a spectacular reality.

City or Country?

Urban or rural, past or present…or a little bit of both?

Define your requirements – are you a culture vulture happy to wander around an art gallery for hours on end?

Or a history buff, looking to lose yourself amidst the ancient ruins of lost civilisations?

Are you looking for a rural retreat – or is it the buzz of city life that quickens the blood?

Europe or Further Afield?

Is flying a pleasure or a pain? Long-haul flights can be a nightmare for those afraid of flying or just easily bored. Decide on your optimal flying time before making detailed plans.

Hot or Cold?

Are you a sun worshipper or do you have a hankering for cooler climes? Will it be Dubai at the height of a middle-eastern summer or the Canadian Rockies in the fall?

Australasia or Africa?

Surfing or safari? Ayers Rock or Kilamanjaro? The Gold Coast in Queensland or what used to be the Gold Coast in present-day Ghana?

The choice is infinite, but it is paramount to decide well in advance, if only to avoid marital strife or friction with stroppy teenagers!

Just as some of us adore sleeping under canvass while others wouldn’t dream of anything less than five-star luxury and all mod cons, so everyone’s aspirations when it comes to holiday destinations can make or break your precious time away.

Far-Flung Corners of the Globe

For those really special occasions to far-flung corners of the globe, Voyages Jules Verne have a wealth of inspirational journeys in store to Indo-China, Burma and Mongolia to name but a few, while amongst other specialist travel companies Kuoni and Titan will provide plenty of food for thought for exotic trips to destinations such as Moscow, Beijing, Barbados and Malaysia.

Family-orientated First Choice have a wealth of ideas for all-inclusive holidays to popular resorts in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, Greece, Egypt and Tunisia.

When you have decided what you are looking for in a holiday and – more or less – where you want to go, compare prices on-line and in your local travel agent to find the very best deals around.

Nicki Williams writes for Gear-Zone, on-line specialists in outdoor equipment and clothing, walking and hiking footwear, and travel accessories

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