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New York City has a few nicknames, one of them being ‘The Big Apple’ and the other ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, but why do we use the latter name and is it for a good reason?

New York City is a very busy place, through the day you will see thousands upon thousands of people walking the streets, going about their lives. Restaurants, stores and visitor attractions bring in the masses during the day time, but they also bring them in during the night too.

24 Hours A Day

There are many 24 hour convenience stores, restaurants that stay open until the early hours of the morning and bars that do the same.  But is there a real need for them to stay open that long? Are there always people to-ing and fro-ing? The answer is ‘Yes, there is’.

A city with a population of over 8 million people needs to cater for their every need, and if this means businesses, stores, movie theaters and the like have to stay open, they will.

Taxi’s drive through the streets day and night, picking up fares and taking people to work and back again. Street vendors make a good trade at night thanks to the party-goers and the night workers, and during the holiday season, the Christmas lights look fantastic at night.

Times Square is another part of New York City that glows at night, but you don’t have to wait ‘til the holiday season to enjoy them, they glow and appear to move all year ‘round.

Its events such as these that keep the city awake 24/7 and it’s the store traders, restaurant owners and the New York City council that let the magic happen.

Want to travel on the subway at night? You can do just that. The trains aren’t as frequent during the night, but you won’t be kept waiting too long.

Night Time Events

New York City is known for its night time events; there seem to be more here than anywhere else in the world. Product launches are a big thing, and you frequently see queues of hundreds of people just waiting to get their hands on the latest pair of designer sneakers or the much-awaited video game that everyone’s talking about.

Central Park often holds events during the night, such as concerts, charity walks and more. This part of the city is incredibly beautiful at night

If one of the many world-famous stores is having a sale, then they tend to open their doors pretty early so all their loyal customers can come and get the huge bargains they have. Seriously big queues form as shoppers rush to get a deal of a life-time in New York City.

The hustle and the bustle that takes places all day and all night just goes to show you what a great city the Big Apple is, and it’s one of the reasons why millions of tourists visit these shores every year. You too can experience the grandeur, the excitement and the buzz of The City That Never Sleeps.

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