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For some people the thought of going abroad on their holidays isn’t appealing. Some want to stay in this beautiful country and see the countryside. There are many places up and down the UK where you can go on holiday, each place offering different activities and accommodation.

Some people choose to kick back and relax no matter where they go on holiday; they could enjoy lounging around sunbathing on a beach in Mexico or they could enjoy being snuggled up warm in a log cabin in the Austrian countryside. On the other hand, there are people who like to go on holiday and spend their time wisely, taking on new challenges and new activities.

A popular activity across the UK is going on a walking holiday. These walks get you out and about in the fresh air and make you really appreciate the beautiful surroundings you live in.

On each of the walking holidays, there is an option as to which walk to go on – that is if the weather permits you to head out. On some walks, there will be a guide provided and the guide will be able to give you a little insight into where you are, the local history and information about your surroundings.


If you wish to talk a leisurely walk with not too much gradient then there are still trips open to you. There are a large variety of types of walking holidays to go on to suit different abilities. Many are in Scotland, which appeals to the serious walkers out there; walkers that like a big challenge and want to take on peaks like Ben Nevis.

There are walks around Whitby where you can take the opportunity to walk in the North York Moors, or you could also take a coastal walk to Robin Hood’s Bay.

There are walks for every level and to meet every desire with help at hand should you need it. You can book these types of holidays in the same way you would book a holiday abroad. Just call into your local travel agent and see what they have to offer.

If you are thinking of an alternative holiday, then a walking trip is definitely the way to go. The UK has so much to offer with its scenery and it’s not often taken in and appreciated by the British.

A definite must is that you should not forget to take your camera. There are so many sights to see and not everything can be stored away in your mental picture bank.

Helen Stape shares her interest in Walking Holidays in the UK.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bods/1295417038/

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