Packing Your Bags For Cuba – What To Take

Cuba is the home of music and there is so much to see that travelling round is an essential part of getting to know the real Cuba and its rhythms.

Cuba is not as well developed as many other countries and therefore splashing the holiday cash and being seen out and about with expensive goods like designer watches, sunglasses, smartphones and cameras can be risky.

What Cuba does not offer in Western goods, however, it more than compensates for in culture and vibrancy.

So what do you pack to make the most of your Cuban holiday in comfort and without getting pick pocketed as you travel round?

Cuba is a land of many parts, but for tourists the beach resorts and Havana are the main attractions, although spending opportunities may be few.


Currency in Cuba

Take travellers’ cheques to Cuba to change in the hotel – the Cuban Peso and Cuban Convertible Peso are the currencies used in Cuba and wearing a moneybelt can help prevent you having your wallet or purse stolen. Also make sure your bag or shoulder bag has a strong zip and strap to deter potential muggers.

Dress sense for the sun

A sunhat is essential in Cuba as it is as hot as its reputation – and plenty of high factor sun cream is also vital, as toiletries in Cuba are expensive and may be hard to come by if you prefer a favourite brand.

Also take a long-sleeved loose shirt or cover-up for the beach and pool – other wise shorts and swimwear are the order of the day in Cuba, with comfortable footwear for excursions and beach. Cuba has wonderful sandy beaches, so avoid flip-flops, which can be uncomfortable in the heat or if they get damp and full of sand.

Stay healthy in Cuba

Medicines are in short supply in Cuba and holidaymakers on package tours with an all-inclusive buffet at their hotel have been known to become ill with bacterial or parasitic gastrointestinal infections in Cuba, so take loperamide for diarrhoea and domperidone for sickness. Always seek medical help if you suffer from holiday food poisoning in Cuba, as taking diarrhoea medications can actually cause bacterial infections to remain in the body rather than passing out in diarrhoea, and antibiotics may be needed to clear the infection.

Mosquitoes are also out and about in Cuba, so pack Deet preparations and a mosquito plug for your room – using an anti-mosquito wristband while on excursions is also a good idea.

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