One Stop Shopping – 3 Reasons to Book an Escorted Tour

Do you have an appetite for adventure? Have you ever dreamed of going whale watching off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand? Is going on a Kenyan safari and staying in Aberdare’s famous Treetops something that has always been on your holiday wish list?

While some types of holidays are easy to plan and organize, others are filled with so many logistics that you feel jet-lagged just trying to make an itinerary. This is when you should have a Eureka moment and decide to let the travel professionals take over. Booking an escorted tour is not a sign of defeat; if you put your time and energy into it, you can figure out the fastest way from point A to point B, not to mention rent a car and map out a blueprint of the sights and attractions you want to see. However, in this busy and fast-paced world, who has the time to do all that? Chances are you barely have time to hit the gym after work or catch a film on the weekend. Here are three reasons why an escorted tour is the way to go.


1. The escorted tour is the travel equivalent of one stop shopping. Let’s set the scene. You know those Saturday mornings when you go grocery shopping and have to stop at three different stores to get all of the items you need? It is a hassle and a complete waste of time, and the next thing you know half the weekend is over and you have not done anything fun. Holiday travel should not be like that. When you book an escorted tour it includes the flight, hotels, transportation, airport transfers, meals and most sightseeing.

2. Off-the-beaten path is the travel industry’s favourite catchphrase. Whether it is a rail tour across India or a small village in the jungle of Peru, part of the beauty of travelling is the feeling that you are seeing something that nobody else has. An escorted tour can safely take you to more exotic destinations and locales than an independently organized holiday. Whale watching in New Zealand and an African safari are only the beginning. How about an eco-tour through Costa Rica or a river cruise in Vietnam?

3. When is the last time you made new friends? Sure, you got your pals from work and the couple of buddies you watch football with, but that is about it. The escorted tour provides a platform where like-minded people can meet and socialize. If you are on a tour bus with 20 other people, chances are you are going to strike up a conversation. You might even be exchanging Christmas cards come December.

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