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A lot of people have heard of Benidorm and quite rightly so. For over the last 50 years Benidorm has been playing host to tourists who visit this once sleepy fishing village and take their annual holiday on their shores. This was the birth place of the modern package holiday so with so many people visiting for such a length of time, there is plenty on offer for the average holiday maker to keep them entertained when they visit Benidorm. There is a pleasant climate all year round along with nice beaches and plenty of excellent accommodation Benidorm can be the perfect destination for your holiday. There are lots of stag and hen nights which go to Benidorm which means there is plenty of fun to be had, but there is also plenty on offer for the better behaved tourist to appreciate as well.

Getting Dressed

The British are famous for their lager lout image and sometimes it is not very surprising at all. If you are sitting by the pool or on the beach then you can get away with your shorts on and not much else. If you are going to eat somewhere which is a bit more up market, then nobody wants to see half naked people in the restaurant when they are trying to eat. There is a time and a place for everything and having respect for other people is essential to make sure that we all get along. Make sure when you go on holiday you bring a range of different clothes with you which will allow you to dress for any occasion you might find yourself in, including eating in a fancy restaurant. Appropriate footwear is also important to make sure you are dressed appropriately. Sadly in modern society today, many people do judge a book by its cover, so if you do not want to be treated like a yob, then do not dress or act like one. You will see the difference in the way people treat you if you dress up a bit and look presentable.


I was brought up being told that manners cost you nothing and it is true. Being polite and civil to people is a sign of respect and does not constitute a sign of weakness. You should treat people how you would want to be treated yourself and always try to keep your temper and do not shout. Getting angry and disrespectful in a situation, no matter which country you are in, is going to lead to problems and arguments which you do not need when you are on holiday to relax. We all need t remember that when we go away on holiday to another country, things are different and are handled in different ways, so you need to be patient and not lose your cool. Stay calm and be polite if you do have a situation and always try not to raise your voice. Keeping calm and talking about a situation that arises is the best way to deal with it rather than getting angry and start shouting or insulting people. If you do get angry and start to become physical then you will need to be prepared to be taken away by the police. Most tourist areas are used to seeing badly behaved tourists, and it is something which is being clamped down on as the locals no longer wish to tolerate rude and aggressive behavior, and quite rightly so.


Communication is an important factor in all of our lives and can be especially important when we go away on holiday. If you can take the time to learn some of the local language or even get yourself a phrase book, then you will find communicating a lot easier. The English speaking world tends to be very lazy with learning another language as everyone speaks English, or so it seems. Making the effort to try and speak the language though, will show the locals you are not the average lout. You can even get applications for your Smartphone’s or Tablet computers which can translate anything you want to say so there really is no excuse with the modern day technology which is available. Everyone deserves some respect, and that includes the people who provide you the services which make your holiday a great time. Show some respect when you go on your Benidorm holidays and you are sure to have a cracking time.

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