Long Haul Flights Best Buys for Avoiding Illness

Aeroplane cabins provide an ideal environment for passengers to pick up airborne diseases such as the common cold.  Accompanying passengers could contain up to 400 potential sources of infections and ailments in such close quarters greater increases the chances of picking up an illness in the re-circulated are high.

In order to prevent yourself from catching something we have put together a few things that may aid you to having a safe and sniffle free flight.

To avoid cold and flu symptoms following simple hygiene practices will do no harm in keeping away those nasty flu and germs that can so often be picked when in such close quarters with people.  Avoiding sharing of food stuffs, glasses and eating utensils should be avoided as the cold virus can survive on surfaces for around two hours.

Keeping a small bottle of hand gel in your travel bag is a great way of keeping potentially holiday ruining at bay.  If you to get a sore throat an antiseptic spray will help with the pain as your throat does the hard work of fighting the infection at 30,000 feet.

Travel sickness is a pain and there are many fishwives tales of curing the illness.  But ginger has shown up in several studies as it has chemicals which assist in helping with motion sickness.  Ginger is good for the digestive tract and also for toning the intestinal muscles.  This helps ease the transportation of substances through the stomach and eases up the feeling of nausea.

Long haul and overnight flights aren’t called red eye for nothing.  These types of flights can leave your eyes feeling tired and dry which can then cause irritation and pain.  Carrying aboard some eyedrops will ease the irritation and if you wear contacts make sure they don’t dry out the lens thus irritating the eye further.


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Last but certainly not lease is probably the common amongst travellers.  Flying can cause stress and anxiety and isn’t a very nice experience.  But there are small things that you can do to stop the feelings and calm fears.  Face sprays are good to use when in the air due to feeling refreshed and leads to calmness, and stops the skin drying out.  Lastly many people are now using oils such as lavender, bergamot and peppermint because they are calming influences and helps revive you.

Hopefully our quick guide will help you on your next travels and if you have any other hints or tips leave a comment!

Jenny Jones writes many articles around international health insurance and also contributes to many health and fitness blogs such as http://internationalmanofmystery.typepad.com/blog/ and followheath.co.uk.

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