It’s Not Just Clubs: Explore the Rest of Ibiza

You may have pigeon-holed Ibiza as a land of wild nightlife, where parties rage on until the wee hours of the morning and nocturnal club-goers spend their days in a drunken stupor. While clubbing is a major part of Ibiza’s appeal for many tourists, trust us when we say you’ll be missing out if you don’t set at least a few days aside to discover Ibiza’s daytime attractions. Add these activities to your travel itinerary to complete your Ibiza experience:


1)      Hit up the Beaches

Ibiza’s beautiful beaches are just as famous as its clubbing scene. Playa d’en Bossa is the largest and one of the most well-known beaches. Aside from the usual sunbathing, you’ll find plenty of daytime activities, including the infamous all-day electronic dance parties at Bora Bora beach bar. Other Ibiza treasures include the clear shores of Cala Bassa or the chilled-out Benirras beach.

2)      Explore Old Town

The main entrance to Dalt Vila (Old Town) requires you to hike up a slope and cross a drawbridge before you finally reach the main square, but it’s definitely worth the climb. Along the way, you’ll pass statues in roman stone. When you finally arrive in Old Town, explore the remains of Ibiza Castle, check out the Archaeological Museum, and don’t miss the incredible views from the battlements of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snow. Old Town is also a great place to spend the day shopping or conversing with a friend over a cup of coffee.

3)      Take a Day Trip to Formentera and Get Adventurous

The small and remote island of Formentera is a great daytime escape from the crowded beaches of Ibiza. Formentera boasts stunning natural beauty—white beaches, jagged cliffs, and quiet countryside—thanks to regional preservation efforts. You can reach Formentera from Ibiza by ferry in just thirty minutes, making it an easy day trip during your vacation. There, you can spend the day relaxing on the beaches or taking part in some adventurous sporting activities; the island has numerous cycle tracks for bicycles and mopeds, as well as plenty of opportunities for diving and sailing. Just be sure to follow instructions and exercise caution in your outdoor activities to avoid injuries and accidents and the need to seek holiday accident compensation later on.

4)      Head to the Hippy Market

The influence of the artists, painters, and designers who found inspiration in Ibiza in the ‘60s still holds strong today. On Wednesdays in Es Cana or Saturdays in San Carlos, you can embrace your inner hippie by perusing the hundreds of stalls for clothes, artwork, and accessories. It’s a truly colourful affair—complete with music and food—not to be missed. You can catch smaller hippy markets in San Antonio, San Miguel, and Ibiza Town during evening hours throughout the week.

Erol is an experienced backpacker who loves to visit Ibiza in his spare time.

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