Incredible, Major Rivers Of The World

Mother Nature is amazing. She surprises us on a daily basis with rolling mountains, deep oceans and incredible rivers that span countries. There are some of the most iconic and major rivers from around the world that form an integral part of the natural habitat, wildlife and environment. These major rivers also are a fundamental source of drinking water, food, fertilization for lands and a logistical way to transport goods. In this interesting article we take a look at three of the major Rivers of the world in all of their glory and importance.

Iconic and Major Rivers Of The World

1. The Mississippi River, USA

The Mississippi River is one of the most iconic rivers in the world. Many songs have been written and movies made about it. This is probably the most major and recognised river in the US. This major river is 3,730 km long and is the largest river system in the US. In the 1820’s, steamboats filled the Mississippi, transporting cotton and other goods. These days, not many are left, with exception of the Delta Queen which has become something of an icon.

2. The River Thames, England

The River Thames has to be one of the most iconic rivers in the world and the major one of Great Britain. It runs right through England’s capital city, London, and it sees much activity on a daily basis. Apart from its transport aspects and its fundamental role in that regard, this major river is also a prominent tourist site. The River Thames is only 346 km, short in comparison to its Mississippi counterpart but its relevance is felt throughout Europe, forming part of the British identity. The 2012 London Olympic Games paid quite a sentimental tribute to the River Thames in the opening ceremony with the evolution of the Thames and London, depicted in a rock from the Thames.

3. The Nile river

The Nile River is not only a major river in Egypt and Africa but the entire world. The Nile is the longest river in the world stretching from North and East Africa to the Mediterranean; 6,650 km. This major river played a vital and fundamental role in the evolution of the Egyptian civilisation and still today is an integral part of the city. What makes this major river so unique is that it is surrounded by expansive dessert but as you near the Nile, it is teeming with lush vegetation.

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in all things maritime from rivers to seas and oceans and steel boat builders.

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