How to Recharge Yourself For the Day Ahead on Holiday

Most of us will only go on holiday once a year. And for most of us this means that the rest of that year leading up to our holiday is spent simply counting down the days to when we get to leave and day dreaming about all the things we’re going to do. Even if it’s just a mini break in a hotel somewhere it’s something we do rarely so it’s important to make the most of it and to really make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

As such then it’s important to make sure that when you head back to your hotel, you really give yourself the chance to recharge and to get your rest – otherwise you will find that all the travelling leaves you too tired to enjoy your trip to its fullest. Here we will look at some ways you can get more from your trip by using your time back at the hotel to really re-energise.

Have a Hot Bath

If you’ve spent the day travelling or walking around then chances are that you’ll have some sore muscles and you’ll be too achy to really get the most from the next day. To avoid this fate, try having a warm bath back at the hotel. This will help to relax your muscles and you’ll find that it also encourages the production of growth hormone and melatonin in your body which will give you a much sounder sleep. If there’s a spa tub in the room then even better…

Get the Best Sleep

There are a few tricks to getting the best night’s sleep in the hotel. The first is to spend some time familiarising yourself with the heating and making sure that you get the temperature just how you want it. Don’t settle for it being too cold or too hot because you can’t work the thermostat – ask someone for assistance or see if there are instructions in the drawer. Similarly if you aren’t happy with the number of pillows or the number of blankets, then go and ask someone at reception and they’ll always be able to give you more. You can also ensure you get a better night’s sleep by taking some of your own things – whether that means your own pillow or other items that help you to sleep such as an eye mask. Of course going to sleep at a decent time is rather important too, so keep in mind your big day ahead.


Get a Good Breakfast

If you’re staying at a bed and breakfast then you’ll have the option of having breakfast the next day and you should be sure to take full advantage of this. That means having something rich in complex carbs to start off your day such as toast or certain cereals. Fry ups although not particularly healthy are also good for being filled with protein and a good number of carbs. Meanwhile having a strong cup of coffee can also wake you up and invigorate you to give you plenty of energy for tackling the day ahead.

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