Holidaying in Style – Cruising on the River Nile

Having just endured one of the wettest, short-lived summers on record, holidaying abroad has never looked so appealing. With the country knee-deep in recession and the purse strings being pulled tighter than ever, value for money is top of the travel agenda – and with good reason. But despite what you might be thinking, you needn’t settle for a miserable couple of weeks in a soggy tent. In recent years, luxury cruises have become more affordable than ever. With over 1.7 million of us hopping on board this year alone, the UK cruise industry is booming and it is easy to see why.


The All-In-One Experience

Let’s face it; planning a holiday can be a stressful, time-consuming affair. You can spend hour upon hour trawling the Internet to find flights, hotels, transfers, car hire and travel insurance; not to mention the headache that comes with planning things to do and places to see once you arrive. So why put yourselves through the hassle? All-inclusive Nile cruises take care of everything for you. This leaves you to do nothing but sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Have you ever wanted to walk amongst the fascinating royal tombs of the Pharaoh’s and explore the ruins of an ancient civilization? How about take an exciting hot air balloon ride over Luxor or attend a brilliant sound and light show at the Philae and Karnak temples? Well, if adventure’s your thing, then you’ve chosen the right holiday. With an array of daily excursions to choose from and over 6,000 years of cultural history to immerse yourselves in, it’s fair to say that there is clearly no shortage of excitement when you’re cruising Egypt’s River Nile.

If relaxation’s more your thing, then don’t panic. There’s no obligation to take part – it is your holiday after all. If you want to stretch out on a sun lounger and watch as the breath-taking scenery of the Nile passes you by, then you’re more than welcome to.

A Floating Paradise

Luxury cruise liners are a true feat of modern day engineering. They have been designed with your specifications in mind and exist to fulfil the wishes of even the hardest to please holidaymaker.

If you’re yet to experience your first luxury cruise, imagine if you will, a floating 5 star hotel, complete with sundeck, gymnasium, swimming pool, shopping centre, private casino, cinema, a choice of first class bars and restaurants and much more.

With 24-hour room service, an air-conditioned cabin, mouth-watering international food and a whole host of entertainment at your fingertips, Nile cruises offer you the chance to feel like a true Egyptian king.

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