Great Holidays in Majorca

Majorca is an extremely popular holiday destination in the Balearic Islands of Spain and has a population of just over 700,000 people, just under half of the population living in and around Palma which is the islands capital. Over 5 million people a year visit the island and flood to the neon lighted bars in Palma Nova and Magaluf, of the more tranquil and Mediterranean feel of Palma, or at the quieter side of the island Cala San Vincente or Alcudia. There are some great locations throughout the island and lots of excursions to keep the kids, adults and all out party animals happy and contented for their holiday in Majorca. And with a flight time of under 3 hours from Manchester UK, the island is frequented by lots of repeat visitors.

Choosing the North or the South?

There are lots to offer all over the island of Majorca and you are best to choose a destination which is more in accordance with how you wish to spend your holiday. If you are looking for a quiet chilled out resort with not as many people, then places such as Alcudia which is on the north coast of the island would be a good choice. This is very popular with families as it has a great beach with lot of amenities around and is far removed from the loud music, neon lights and drunken behavior more common in some of the southern towns.Alcudia Bay has a clean sandy shoreline and there are also water sports on offer as well. There are beach side bars and cafes all along the beach front so you can enjoy some of the local food and have a drink or two before heading back to the beach.

Palma is also an excellent choice of destination which is quite often overlooked by travelers. It is the commercial and cultural centre of the island but it also has a rich history and a culture and nightlife scene all of its own which also makes it popular with expats. The city was founded since before the Roman times and in the old quarter of the city, remains and artifacts are still being found quite regularly. In the El Terreno district of the city, there are a lot of clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. Then for the more lively of you that want to party all day and night, you have either Palma Nova or Magaluf which are right next to each other. Here you will find the majority of all the party animals with discos and bars a plenty on a back drop of flashing neon lights and loud music. The party can often go on till the sun comes up so even the most diehard revelers can party till they drop

Things to do in the Day Or Pool, Beach or Something Else?

Some people like nothing better than sitting by the pool all day topping up their tan, or staying by the beach, some people even sleep all day waiting for the sun to go down before they surface and start the party all over again. Whatever is your preference, there is a lot more on offer in Majorca if you are willing to go out and explore a little. From historical buildings to picturesque mountain scenes, there are lots to attract all tastes and age groups. You can go and cool down at one of the water parks around the island or go and see a western show.The aquarium in Palma is worth a visit and there is also a splendid cathedral as well. You can even rent a boat out and go see the National Park of Cabrera Archipelago, which is about an hour away by boat. La Granja is a country house which is south of Banyalbufar. There have been lots of local notable families in residence here and also is well known for its natural springs and is open for the public and shows a unique snapshot of the local culture. When you have spent your day exploring the islands why not try the Pirate Adventure for some good food and fun before you get out your disco shoes.


The most popular time to go to Majorca is during the summer months when it is hottest, with the Mediterranean climate, the winters are cool but a lot of places are closed during the winter months. This can be a perfect time to explore the island though and get away from the tourist side so that you can truly take in the real Majorcan culture. What better way to explore a culture than with your stomach at one of the 2400 restaurants registered on the island? Majorca has lots to offer all types of tourist and will keep you coming back time and time again.

This article was written by Misty Angel on behalf of Travel Republic. Travel Republic offers some of the best Holidays to Majorca available. Misty is a seasoned traveller having visited many of the world’s travel destinations and enjoys submersing himself in the local culture to gain the true experience of the country he visits.

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