Gay Honeymoons In Paris

Now that same-sex weddings have been approved by the House of Commons, and despite any possible delays that might be caused by the House of Lords, the bill should become law sometime later this year. This opens up a whole new market for gay honeymoons, and what city in the world could be a better gay honeymoon destination than Paris? Here are some suggestions for fun loving honeymooners in this gay friendly city.

While Les Halles in the 1st arrondissement used to be considered the main gay district of Paris, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, and there still remains a good number of rainbow venues, today most of the gay and lesbian venues, including restaurants, bars and fashion outlets, are found in the historic streets of “Le Marais”, which spans the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. At the junction of rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie and rue Des Archives, two of the main streets of the district you will find the often very busy Open Café, which is a great place to start exploring the area and is particularly popular with males. Le Spyce, another gay bar and dance venue, is just a little futher along the street. Close by the Motley Bird offers a more intimate atmosphere while Café Beaubourg caters for up-market gays.

For females, the lesbian bars are concentrated around the junction of rue Des Ecouffes and rue Du Roi de Sicile. The So What is a females-only bar and is considered to be the coolest lesbian venue in the city and can get quite raucous with people dancing on tables and generally going wild. The Vénus Noire is a more traditional lesbian bar with a jazz theme while the oldest and still popular lesbian bar in Paris is the Champmesle, and the only remaining all lesbian club is Le Rive Gauche.

Generally Paris bars open either early afternoon or early evening and close generally around 2.00pm, though some have a special licence which allows them to stay open until morning. Typically clubs open close to midnight and many stay open until noon the following day.

Getting around Paris in the early hours can be problematic as the public transport shuts down around 1.00am on weekdays and 2.00am on Fridays and Saturdays. Although there are a few taxis around as well as the occasional night bus travel at that time is generally difficult, so be prepared to walk, though wandering around Paris at night is a delight in itself. So, if you are thinking of getting wed in the near future, why not be one of the first to travel from London to Paris for a gay honeymoon, an adventure you will never forget.

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