Free Must Have Android Apps for the Frequent Traveller

If you’re a frequent traveler and you own an Android, you can’t afford not to install some of this smartphone’s incredibly useful travel apps.  The Android’s app store at Google Play offers hundreds of great apps that can help travelers organize their trips, monitor the weather in their destinations, and hunt for nearby businesses and restaurants.  Best of all, all of the following apps are free to install and use.

Are you still in the planning phase of your trip?  If so, you should check out Kayak, an Android app that pulls up plane fares and hotel rates and lists them side by side so you can easily compare them.  And once you’re done comparing rates, you can use Kayak’s flight and hotel booking feature to get all your planning out of the way without putting down your Android.  Kayak is a great app for travelers who want to streamline the often long and tedious process of price comparison and booking.

TripIt is one of the most essential Android apps around.  A program made specifically for the busy traveler, TripIt organizes all of your flight and booking information into a condensed, easy to read travel plan.  Travelers can use this travel plan as an itinerary, making sure they don’t miss a single flight or appointment at any of their destinations.  However, TripIt is more than a mere digital itinerary.  It also provides the user with weather reports and maps, separate travel plans for each destination, an edit function for last-minute travel plan changes, and syncing with Facebook and LinkedIn pages to provide friends and family with a constant stream of updated information.

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Unfortunately, trips don’t always go exactly as planned.  If you ever find yourself wandering around a strange city and desperate to find a great restaurant within walking distance, you’ll be glad you’ve got Poynt.  This Android app catalogs nearby businesses and restaurants and provides the user with restaurant ratings.  Poynt also contains a movie search feature for travelers who want to take in some foreign cinema before returning home.  There are few apps that are truly helpful to travelers who are forced into making impromptu plans, but Poynt is one of them.

Dealing with foreign currencies can be confusing.  Luckily, Google Play stocks an app called Currency Converter.  This app does exactly what its name suggests: it’s a simple, intuitive foreign currency tool that can convert to and from hundreds of currencies.  Android users who want to monitor trends in the USD/EUR relationship will enjoy Currency Convertor’s live graph feature, which generates currency pair graphs based on the daily changes in the foreign exchange market.

Every veteran traveler has had to deal with at least one hours-long flight delay. Flight delays are never fun to deal with, but Android’s FlightView Free Flight Tracker can make them a little more bearable.  FlightView tracks passenger jets based on their flight numbers and can provide the user with a specific plane’s route and real-time location in the air.  Users can also access national weather reports and average flight delay times by city.  Provided with this information, you can confidently head to the airport terminal’s restaurant for a drink or a bite to eat while you wait without having to rely on the airline staff’s vaguely-worded announcements.  FlightView isn’t just for travelers, either: if you’re seeing off friends or family at the airport, you can use FlightView to track their flight and make sure they’ve arrived safely at their destination.

Traveling is fun, but it can also be tedious and frustrating when our plans don’t work out exactly as we’d hoped.  The above apps are invaluable tools for any Android-equipped traveler who finds himself or herself wondering how many Turkish lira make a US dollar or trying to come up with new vacation plans on the fly.  Simply install these apps and enjoy your trip knowing that your Android has you covered.

Sam Jones, the author, travels regularly for business and is always having to use wireless broadband on the go from his phone and laptop.

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