Five Non-English Things to do in England

Popular with visitors from all over the world, England is an excellent destination, whether you’re planning a short city break in the heart of London or a week or two in the rustic splendour of the English countryside. You will undoubtedly enjoy some quintessentially English activities during your stay, such as afternoon tea in a quaint restaurant, but the stay doesn’t have to be all about cucumber sandwiches and freshly-baked scones. Here are five non-English things to do that might capture your imagination.

Take a trip to Chinatown

Right in the heart of Soho in Central London, you’ll find a large and vibrant Chinatown district. It’s jam-packed with tempting restaurants and iconic storefronts, and the sights, sounds and smells of this wonderful area will form an unforgettable memory. During the Chinese New Year celebrations, thousands of people line the streets to watch the eye-catching parade, and to enjoy the stunning performances and spectacular fireworks.

Sample the delights of a French market

Various towns and cities in England play host to a regular French market. Stall-holders from all over France cross the channel to sell their wares, and for the consumer the choice of products that are on offer is always a wonderfully iconic one. You can enjoy the finest cheeses, the most exquisite wines and any number of other food and drink options along the way. If there’s a market near to you when you are in England, be sure to pay a visit.

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Join the party at an Irish pub

These days, there are traditional Irish pubs to be found in cities all over the world, and in England it’s no exception. These exciting hostelries offer a range of excellent beers and wines, and usually some hearty dishes on the food menu as well, so settle in for a great night. Be sure to try a pint or two of the Guinness while you’re there, for a true taste of the Emerald Isle.

Tuck into a burger

Many of the well-known American fast food chains feature on England’s high streets, and they offer exactly the kind of dishes you’d expect. However, if you are in the mood for something a little more special, use the web to find restaurants in your location to see if you can find a juicy home-made burger. Some establishments in the UK produce burgers with all the accessories, and they’re often so stacked it’s just about impossible to pick one up.

Surf the waves like an Aussie

Over the years, the town of Newquay in Cornwall has developed a reputation for being one of the finest surfing resorts in Europe, and while it may be a long way from the coast of Queensland it has a thriving surf community. It’s well worth a visit, if only to check out the bars that line the coast.

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