Essentials to Take on a Cycling Trip

Top Items for Hitting the Road

If you’re a cycling enthusiast then you’ve probably been on or at least considered taking an extended cycling trip. Sure, it can be a gruelling affair at times but there is no better way to see a country than over a pair of handle bars. You don’t have the same limitations of normal holiday makers and can have an awesome holiday for minimal costs. If you have been on such a trip, then I guarantee there was at least one essential item you didn’t remember to take with you, and if you haven’t done this before… take note.

Maintenance/Repair Tools

You don’t have to be a bike repair expert to make use of bicycle maintenance and repair tools. More often than not it is something as simple as a flat tire, but without a pump and a puncture repair kit you’ll be seriously regretting it.


That’s the wet stuff that you drink. It’s pretty vital since your approximately 57% made up of water. Add the fact that the extensive cycling is going to seriously dehydrate you and you’ll see why it’s vital that you take plenty of water along with you. Also, for easy access you should keep a refillable water bottle that can be attached to the frame of the bike.

Toilet Paper

For obvious reasons toilet paper is pretty essential. For less obvious reasons it can also be used as tissues, napkins for when you are eating and also as wipes for cleaning utensils, hands, etc.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a definite requirement for any cycling trip. Travelling long distances, you will be likely to find yourself far from anywhere in the event of an accident, particularly if you are taking more scenic routes. Falls are fairly common on these kinds of trips and a first aid kit will be a godsend for those cuts and abrasions.  In the event of a more severe accident, bandages and makeshift slings can help keep you in one piece until you can receive proper attention.

Bike Lights

Speaking of accidents, one way to make them more likely is to be invisible on a long road at night. Bike lights will make all the difference to your visibility and should be affixed to the front and rear of the bicycle. If you are not comfortable cycling through the night, time your journeys to avoid this.

Store the Right Food

So you’ve got your liquids taken care of, but you’re going to need plenty of energy for this hardcore cycling regime. You might think that you can just throw anything down your throat and hey presto energy. Well you can try doing that, but I guarantee you’ll see the error of your ways after stuffing down a whole pizza at the last stop over.

You need food that’s full of slow release energy, fibre and protein that will sustain you. The best options are grains, pastas and bananas. One excellent and easily stored source of proteins and healthy fats is nuts. Lentils are also excellent for fibre and carbohydrates.

For energy, try to avoid over sugary snacks. Dark chocolate is a far better option and health conscious energy bars are perfect for that additional boost when needed.

Warm Clothes

You want to have some waterproofs and additional clothing with you so that you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.


Where else did you think you were going to keep all of this stuff? On a cycling trip there are two kinds of storage you can consider; a trailer which attaches to the back of the bike, or a Pannier (those side hanging bags).

Once you have each of these items sorted, you have your essentials sorted. You might have a few more items that you are interested in taking, but bear in mind that anything else you take is just extra weight.

John Regent is a designer of childrens bikes. He works with a variety of retailers.

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