Don’t Get Caught Listening To The Wrong Kind Of Music When Traveling

We all travel for different reasons. Mobility is the nature of life and whether you find yourself commuting to work or traveling over long distances for business or pleasure, there are stretches of time in between our destinations that need to be filled up with something. Perhaps you enjoy listening to some music and this helps while away the minutes or hours spent travelling. Well, if this is you, you need to realize there are types of music best suited for different types of trips. You could very well be listening to a type of music that makes your trip shorter or longer (not literally), more pleasant or unpleasant and so on. Here are three suggestions of types of music to listen to when you are traveling for various reasons.

When Commuting to Work

Work commutes can take anything between a few minutes to two or three hours, depending on the distance and traffic. Whatever the reason and the length of the commute, what you want is to reach the office relaxed and motivated for work. The last thing you want is to reach the office wound up and stressed out and yet you are required to be productive and easy to work with. The best type of music here would be music with a mid tempo such as upbeat country music or operatic music. The tempo helps regularize your brain waves and helps you breathe evenly without making you either too relaxed (such as love songs and ballads) or overly pumped up (such as metal or hard rock). Depending on the amount of time it takes to commute, ensure you have a good number of songs to fill out the time and remember to keep the tempo even throughout. Also, don’t change the genre midway through your commute because your brain must now start adjusting to the different tempo and this makes for a slight increase in mental processing.

When traveling for leisure

Going on a road trip or on holiday is the perfect opportunity to indulge your musical senses. Here you want to go for something fun and easy to listen to. The best type of music here would be familiar tunes to you that you and your traveling companions can sing along to. Think about the fun you will get out of joining in in singing a favorite song when on the road. Of course this is different when you are traveling via public means. In this instance, it still pays to listen to your favorite tunes but the better plan would be to take the opportunity to try something different. Going on holiday is all about adventure and trying out new and interesting things. Ditch your regular playlist and put together different genres that you have never explored before. You may love them, or not, but at the end, you will have had a great musical experience.


Traveling for business

Business traveling is perhaps the trickiest of them all. Consider most business trips last a few hours to one or two day. In addition to this, you still have to consider hotel stays and further commutes when you reach your destination. Perhaps the best type of music here is classical, jazz or instrumental music. Because you need all the concentration and mental clarity you can get, these types of music are your best bet. Neither pumping you up or really relaxing you to a point of despondence, these types of music help focus your mind and reduce the stressful associations of traveling for business. Moreover, the fact that these types of music have no lyrics helps you keep your mind on the tasks ahead. Think of this music as a massage that you get before a business meeting; chances are you will arrive at the meeting relaxed, clear headed and ready to get some work done. If the trip is extended, consider alternating with some mid tempo music such as opera or soft rock to offer a more upbeat and soulful experience.

Guest post by Scott Ryan, writing for Morris Brothers music store, a store that helps people discover their inner music and experience life through the love of music.

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