Discovering Australia’s Hottest Wineries And Vineyards

If wine and visiting vineyards are passions of yours, then it is likely you have looked to incorporate this in a holiday at some point. Many people mistakenly believe that the only way you can see a working vineyard is to visit a European country such as France, Spain, or Italy. Of course, wine is produced all across the world, and Australia is actually one of the largest producers by country.

There are over 60 wine regions across Australia, many of which have produced award-winning wines that are popular fixtures in convenience stores and food cupboards everywhere. How can you discover Australia’s best vineyards on your next visit to the country, and where will you find them?

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Just outside of the fabled Blue Mountains range is Hunter Valley, arguably one of the most prominent wine regions in the entire world, let alone Australia. Much of this area is exclusively dedicated to vineyards, with almost every small village and township playing host to at least one winery.

This whole area offers luxury hotels and package holiday options, meaning you could spend the entire duration of your trip here if you want to. Sample wine tasting across the region and learn the secrets behind some of the favourite local variants of globally popular wines.

Swan Valley, Western Australia

This is Australia’s oldest wine region, and still one of the most consistent in terms of production owing to its reliable climate of warm, dry weather with cooling coastal winds.

Swan Valley is perhaps the best all-round wine experience, as those working in the vineyards will re-appear later as assistants in the many high end wine boutiques that grace this area.


Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River is a small town a few hours down the road from Perth, and as well as being an excellent region for premium wines is also one of the most romantic locations in the country.

The Margaret River Wine Region festival is a popular event, attracting visitors from around the world to what is usually a remote corner of the country. Whether you are here for the wine, top class restaurants, shopping, or nature walks, the trip off the beaten track is well worth it.

Barossa Valley, South Australia

South Australia is one of the smaller wine regions in terms of production, but that takes nothing away from the quality and variety that tourists can enjoy when travelling through the area. Historic towns throughout the South Australian valleys only serve to make the holiday experience even more unique, and can lead you on a majestic ‘wine tour’ of the southern coast.

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